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It has been a whole year, since I fell in love with Jóannis. It seems to be only one week ago, my desires havent shrunk a bit. Time after time I find myself remembering this artist. His life fascinates me so much, it is difficult not to let my life interfere with his'.

Remembrances of the time I was with him in Leirvik  (the little fishing-village at the Faroer) mixed with the remembrances of his life.

Photos, letters and of course his paintings tell me a lot. What his life was like, his interests, his journeys. Jóannis must have felt an inward struggle. Both the art and the fishery wanted him. Maybe its that what made me so obsessed by this man. Maybe it is recognition.

What did Jóannis want to find, when sailing to Greenland? It wasnt only the fish that drove him that way, was it? Did he have some girlfriends there, like he had almost everywhere? Or is it another kind of desire that led him to risk his life? The more I think about Jóannis, the less I can let him go. I become greedy and grasping, I want him! Possess and cherish. Totally for me alone!

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