I couldnít wait any longer to make my decision; the uncertainty and confusion pushed me to a solution. There were more people who suggested me to go anyway (see all the reactions here), which gave me the courage to leave right away. I didnít dare to stay another day. What a hell when you donít know what to decide! I just wanted to go on with my life, it didnít matter that I had to burn all my ships behind me. So I stuck to my original plan: to go to the North. I took the Dash 7 -a small airplane- to Kangerlussuaq and from there on I started hiking.

Michael suggested me to show the Inuit family that Iím not pregnant by a used sanitary towel. I couldnít 'forget' one, because Iím not menstruating. I would probably have violated several taboos, but it would have been a good idea!