Stig, Stiggie, Stig, StigÖ Hmm, no doubt Iím in love. Itís not his nose, his hair or his skin. Not even his eyes make me shiver. Perhaps itís just his attention, his sweetness. He is so kind to me. A bit concerned perhaps. Stig is here in Greenland to do research about Tardigrada, some kind of protozoa. Those little species deposit their liquids and freeze during wintertime. In spring they extract water again and continue their life. This way they sustain temperatures below Ė270įC. I think Stig does the same to me. He makes me feel emotions I havenít felt for years. I almost forgot I could feel like this, as if every cell in my body is filled with liquid again.

But still I donít know if I should stay at his place when we arrive at Ilulissat. What if heís just another brute man who wants a good fuck? I have been acting very affected lately, so I must make an easy prey. Would that be a shame? Wouldnít I love to be eaten alive? My thoughts are recoiling in the same rhythm as the waves. They even make my stomach squeeze together.