This great verse is written by Colin Williams: "What i writ wasnt intended to be 'a poem'; it just came out that way, meant to catch and deserve your attention. A version of this poem was read at Gallery X in New Bedford April 12th."

Thanks a lot Colin, I really love it! You surely deserve my attention and you still got it.

Your verse came just at the right moment, when I had my doubts about this whole journey. I was wondering if its really such a good idea, to follow my dreams blindly. Al those questions were haunting my head again but they disappeared like melting snow when I received your verse. You are right! This journey is worth traveling!

Later on, Colin wrote me again:


I havent seen any trees for a long time. They are green, aren't they? Once I had sexual intercourse with an old beech tree. I can assure you it was magical indeed! But for this moment I prefer good working technology. It lets me be who I really am...