Dear Rosanne, I admire you. In my opinion you are and have:

1) Adventuress

2) Perseverance

3) Intelligence

4) Slightly mad mother of two

I understand that this journey is coming to an end. Should you go home through Iceland I insist that you stay in my home at your discretion, after all you have done it before and it was a pleasure to meet you and have you under my roof. So you have no excuse. Let me know by e-mail, ( I presume through satellite)

A hug, Jóhann

Hello Jóhann! Good to hear from you! It was nice to meet you in Reykjavik and I would love to visit you there again. But my journey isnt ending yet and I cant tell you when or how I will ever come home. But if Im traveling through Iceland again, I will surely visit you. Thats a deal!