Hello Rosanne. What an adventure! I hope that man didnt wound you? Is the alcohol in Greenland so expensive and hard to get as in Iceland? I wonder what the connection between the high price and alcohol abuse might be. Being drunk as status symbol... And what about the food, what are you eating there? A friend of mine goes to Greenland as a tour-conductor now and then. He told me there are a lot of dogs, mostly to pull the sledges. Are there ice bears as well? Greeting, Ingrid.

Ha Ingrid! The Greenlanders eat a lot of fish and bloody meat. Fortunately you can buy almost everything in the local supermarket, even pineapples!
They have smoked whale meat to put on your bread and I actually like that. Its very salty. The Greenlanders dont eat ice bears anymore. Youve got them in Greenland, but I havent seen any yet. Only a stuffed one.