Stig seems swell does he mind other guests?

I really don’t know. Sometimes I even wonder if he minds my company. 

  thats ***fantastic*** mate !!!!!!! ive spent the last 3 days wrapping myself in your world, and, errrrr - omg thats bizarre man :) its really you ! !!!! ***you*** ?????? ! crazy bird going round greenland ??? !!!!!! thank you ! 

  Love is good. All you need is love. Colin Williams.

Youre right, Colin! I havent felt this good for years. We can sustain three months without food and one week without water if necessary. But how long can we survive without love?

  you did a good job

  you have been making my last few days very enjoyable at work - you have the best web site i have ***ever*** seen - bang on, man ! ( hey - you-re pretty too :) my affections, nick

  Hai Rosanne, Its Sunday morning in Rotterdam. Your project feels from far away. Tineke and I are watching together. We never came further then the North sea with our Scottish fishing-cutter, but the fear and astonishment are the same.

  Who..............? regards, Wouter.