I asked the man for directions. There is only one way to go for me, he told me, and that is directly back to where I came from. When he heard that Im originally from the Netherlands, he started shouting at me. In his view my family had killed more Inuit then his family had killed foxes for those Dutch murderers. I tried to calm him down, because there where so many bystanders looking at us. His eyes where red and whirled, he had an awful smell of alcohol hung around him. I told him I thought the alcohol did him more harm then the Dutch people can nowadays. Thanks to the good spirits there were bystanders, because he almost killed me!

Perhaps it was the Dutch traders who brought the alcohol to Sisimiut, but you cant blame me for that! The alcohol caused a lot of trouble and it still does, but thats not my fault! Those Dutch ancestors where here in the 17th century, thats about 400 years ago! A bit more then 50 years ago some German people did my family a lot of harm but I dont blame their children!

It must be one of those differences in the mentality and I have to accept this man's behavior. But it hurts, in a strange kind of way. The accusing isnt nice of course, but that is not what hurts the most. It is the demolition of this man that keeps burning on my retina. This demolition (perhaps the demolition of the whole Inuit culture) caused by alcohol and Western interfering. Civilization we call it. I cant shrug my shoulders and say Ayorama like the Inuit. This old, interesting and oh so beautiful culture is too valuable to let it be destroyed. I am glad the anti-alcohol organizations are growing with the day. The Inuit have survived so much adversity and disasters trough the ages, perhaps this is just another one.