I am alive! It took me a couple of hours to understand I survived that awful nightmare. Wonders never cease...
A cargo ship towed me into the harbour of Tasiilaq. About half of the inhabitants gathered around the little harbour to see the spectacle. I am intensely happy to have left my vessel behind. Finally on firm ground! 

There is no suitable way to thank the captain; one of his engineers has even repaired my satellite radio! 

This community used to be called Angmagssalik, like the common fish around here. There was also a man named Angmagssalik, but he died. Never say the name of a dead Inuk, otherwise his soul can not rest. Since the dead of Angmagssalik, this community is officially renamed Tasiilaq (like a still lake) and the fish is now called Kersaqat.

But after they gave the dead Inuk's name to a new born dog, they could call their village Angmagssalik again.