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Welcome to the music department of the Fredscape Collective! This page is an overview of all the pages the Fredscape Collective has to offer when it comes to music, especially when it comes to the techno, house, ambient and jungle varieties. So we have pages dedicated to our home-made music, artists, genres, reviews (cd & vinyl) and, of course, humor...

The Fredscape Mod Collective!
The FMC where you can find our home-made music in the form of modules. We are specialised in Dance-oriented mods, and our prefered styles are Drum&Bass/Breakbeat, Techno, Acid, Trance, Groovy mellow and experimental music. We also have sample packs, players, and editors for you to download, so check it out!
The Fredscape Mod Collective

The Fredscape Collective's Aphex Twin Page
This page is dedicated to our favourite artist: Aphex Twin. Since there is so little information about this prodigal techno-artist available on the web we've decided to create something ourselves and guide you into the wonderful world of screaming hard techno and velvet ambient this man has created.
The Fredscape Collective's Aphex Twin Page

The Fredscape Collective's Squarepusher Page
Our place on the web for Tom Jenkinson, a.k.a. Squarepusher. The same story goes for this great artist as for Aphex Twin: little information on the we've made our own little place for this great man! Check it out!
The Fredscape Collective's Squarepusher Page

The Fredscape Collective's Photek Page
Since Photek is an all-time favourite of us, and because information is so scarce, Goudvis has put together this Photek-page filled with info, cd and 12" reviews, and a whole lotta links coming up real soon!
The Photek Page

CD Reviews
Do you always hestitate when you see a rather cool CD but don't have a clue if it's worth spending your good money on? Well, we've decided to give you a head start before you buy something you'll whine about all night: a list of reviewed Acid, ambient/trance, Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass, techno and Various other style CD's! With links to relevant sites, of course... :) Teccie's CD page

The Vinyl Page
Vinyl! Vinyl! Vinyl galore!!! Yes, a page featuring reviews of stuff brought out on Vinyl! (those black 12", LP, 10", etc.. things ;). This page is still rather small at the moment, but a rather large amount of 12"es have been welcomed into the Collective recently, so an update is imminent! So check out Erik's vinyl-reviews

Teccie's Technopage
The members of the collective have always had a fascination to the modern art of Techno, House and Ambient-music, and it is therefore not too surprising that we've dedicated a rather vast portion of our site to this form of music.
The Technopage offers an extensive primer on the history of techno-music, CD-reviews, information about artist-pages and hardware.

The Horrible Truth about the Spice Girls...
Always thought those Spice Girls had something to hide? Are you worried about conspiracies and do you feel a mild desorientation when you hear music of the Spice Girls? Then this page is for you! The Collective has been digging in secret files and found the amazing truth about the Spice Girls and their hidden agenda, so don't hestitate and check out this page!
The horrible truth about the Spice Girls

Ben Cramer
What do you do if you don't know anything to put on your homepage? You think of something completely ridiculous, insane or stupid, and build a page around that idea.
At least you can be sure of the fact that it'll probably be unique! So the Ben Cramer homepage was created, dedicated to one of the lamest Dutch artists around, and with a humorously cynical style. So maybe it's worth looking at:
The Ben Cramer Homepage

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