NATO used abbreviations for countries participating in operations. During operations under the Implementation Force (IFOR) mandate, two-letter codes were used for NATO member countries and three-letter codes for non-NATO member countries. Since the start of the Stabilization Force (SFOR) that system seemed to have been abandoned.

The three-letter codes for the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland were from before their membership to the alliance.

AL/AN Albania
AUS Austria
BE Belgium
BELUGA Belgium, Luxemburg, Greece, Austria
CA Canada
CZ/CEZ Czech Republic
DA Danmark
EG/EGY Egypt
FN/FIN Finland
FR France
GE Germany
GR Greece
HELBA Hellenic, Bulgarian, Austrian
HUN Hungary
IT Italy
LI Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
MAL Maleisia
MO/MOR Morocco
NL The Netherlands
NO Norway
PO Portugal
PL/POL Poland
RO/ROM Romania
RU/RUS Russia
SP Spain
SW/SWE Sweden
TU Turkey
UK United Kingdom
UKR Ukraine
UP Ukraine
US United States