The Balkan Conflict
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North Atalantic Treaty Organization

Information of Allied Forces Southern Europe.
Headquarters Allied Command Europe (ACE) Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC).
IFOR: Military operations and Hungary [Hungarian National Assembly]
McNair Paper 35: NATO From Berlin To Bosnia [Institute for National Strategic Studies]
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe offers daily news.


United Nations

Office of the High Representative (OHR)
Common info, basic docs, chronology, weekly bulletin, press releases, latest news. Also the complete text of the Dayton Peace Agreement.
United Nations [UN]
UN and the situation in the former Yugoslavia [Gopher]
Extensive documentation.
UN - Bosnia [Gopher]
United Nations Development Program
United Nations Development Program gopher site [Gopher]
United Nations Environmen Program -- Balkans Task Force
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) [George Mason University]


Relief Organizations

American Refugee Committee
Australian-based organization.
Immigration and Refugee Services of America
Kosovo Humanitarian Aid Organization
Norwegian Refugee Council
Red Cross
Refugees International
Refugee Database : Locate displaced family
ReliefWeb : Balkans [UN]


Other Organizations

Amnesty International : Kosovo
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
ndependent International Commission on Kosovo


War Crimes

Bosnia War Crimes Tribunal [Court TV]
Coverage of the Tribunal.
Coalition for the International Criminal Court
CourtTV War Crimes Tribunal
Current case files.
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia [UN]
On-line documents on war crimes.
International Tribunal [University of Minnesota Human Rights Library]
Major war criminals/suspects
Documents from the Helsinki Human Rights Watch, International War Tribunal (The Hague), UN Committees for War Crimes in former Yugoslavia, and other international organizations. Note: this site has not been updated in a while but the links can still be useful.
War crimes tribunal (ICTY) [Yahoo]
War Crimes Tribunal Watch
War Crimes Watch
US State Department website on war crimes (prior to 2001) / Office of War Crimes Issues (after 2001)


Government Sites

Department of Foreign Affairs
Economic map of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Website of the Chamber of Economy.
Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina, The Hague, Netherlands
Bundesheer im Kosovo. Language: German.
Bundesheer im Bosnien. Language: German.
Department Of Defense:
Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Centre
Lincoln and Welland Regiment -- Peacekeeping [A.D. Woolley]
Privately maintained.
War, Peace and Security WWW Server [Canadian Forces College]
Catalogue of resources on armed forces, conflicts, relations.
Government of Republic of Croatia
This document offers official information from the government. It provides names of the current members of government, and descriptions of the recent sessions held.
Croatia: President's Page
Press releases, information, speeches and interviews with President Franjo Tudjman.
Czech Republic
Ministerstvo obrany Ceské Republiky
Czech Department of Defense.
Ministère de la Défense
Ministry of diplomatic affairs on Kosovo
Statements, analysis and interviews.
Bundesministerium der Verteitigung
Search results for "Kosovo"
Department of Defense
Peace Operations - some lessons for the future
Document by the former Minsiter of Defense Dr. Joris J. C. Voorhoeve.
Swiss Company in Kosovo (SWISSCOY)
United Kingdom
Department of Defense: Kosovo [Dod]
Special pages on Kosovo with news, background, and images. By the UK Ministry of Defence and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
Royal Air Force: Kosovo [Dod]
News and ongoing operations.
United States
BosniaLink [US Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs]
The official Deparment of Defense information systems
Department of Defense
With news on current Balkan developments.
House Committee on Foreign Relations
Maintained by the Department of State.
State Department:
The White House
United States European Command
With current events. Look for section on Kosovo.
US Agency for International Development
Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
US House Of Representatives
White House publications
CIA World Facts (Factbook)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Serbia and Montenegro
US Air Force
Air Force Link: Crisis in Kosovo
Air Force Magazine: Operation Deliberate Force
Article by By John A. Tirpak.
America's Air Force in Bosnia
With a RealAudio news broadcast. Last updated 1996.
Aviano Air Base (Near Po Valley)
HQ 16th Air Force and home of the 31st Fighter Wing. A look at Aviano, including own aircraft, visiting aircraft, Operation Deny Flight, Decisive Edge, and photos.
Operation Deliberate Force [USAF]
Collection of interesting links by L.K. Colding of the Air University Library at Maxwell AFB.
Operation Deny Flight [USAF]
Collection of interesting links.
USAFE: Air Power in Kosovo
US Army
1st armored division in Bosnia
1st Cavalry Division
432nd Civil Affairs Battalion
Army Area Handbook, U.S. Dept. of the Army [Gopher]
Army Airspace Command And Control -- Bosnia
With The Sergeant's Corner and The Captain's Corner.
NATO rail operations in the Balkans
Task Force Eagle
With Talon Online, a US Army magazine about their activities in Bosnia.
Task Force Eagle Nightowl
Task Force Falcon
Website of US Army Europe Task Force.
US Navy
Navy News: Bosnia
Navy News Service. This URL is linked to a directory with numbered news bulletins.
Operation Allied Force
Archives of Yugoslavia
Democratic Party
Government of Yugoslavia
Ministry of Information Montenegro / Mirror site
Provisional Government of Kosovo
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Information
Serbia Info News. Serb point of view.
Ministry of Interior of Serbia
Socialist Party of Serbia


Indicates a
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Albanian Daily News
Associated Press
Baltimore Sun: Aftermath in Kosovo
Up-to-date news.
Belgrade Radio
Beta News Agency
BK Television
Real audio from Belgrade.
Blic Press [Blic Press]
Language: Serbian/English.
Britannica-Newsweek Internet Guide
Latest news, video and sound.
Calgary Sun: Bosnia: In persuit for peace
Featured articles about Bosnia by Sun media.
CBC News Online -- Indepth: Kosovo Crisis
With news and background stories. With link to Canada on the attack, about the Canadian forces involved in operations in the Balkan region, Canada's diplomatic role, and military updates.
Central Europe Online: Kosovo Crisis
CNN / CNN Europe
Crisis in Kosovo
Provided by the Edmon Sun.
Electronic Telegraph
(Requires free registration.) Various news articles can be found in the section about the Balkans.
Kosova Press
UÇK point of view.
Media Center Pristina
Nando Times
General information and specific pages about Bosnia.
New York Times
(Requires free registration.) With seperate Bosnia section Uncertain Paths to Peace. Special Bosnia WWW project with photos and articles. There is also a Kosovo coverage, an complete coverage of the airstrikes, and a forum: Conflict in Kosovo.
NEXUS Internet Radio
NRC Handelsblad Kosovo Conflict
Dutch daily with articles from 2001.
Online NewsHour: Escalating Tensions in Kosovo -- June 12, 1998
Radio Antenna M
Free moderate radio station of Montenegro with 18 hours of original programming, and Serb-Croat news from Radio Free Europe, Voice of America, BBC, Radio France International, and Radio B92.
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty:
Radio 21 - Kosovo
Also in RealAudio (English)
Radio B92
Independent radio station in Yugoslavia.
Radio Kossava
Radio Yugoslavia
Broadcasts in real audio.
Serbian tv news
The Baltics Online - Daily News Service
The Guardian / The Observer : Kosovo
Time -- The Balkans File
USA Today
Index of Bosnia articles.
Note: last updated 22 Oct 96.
Washington Post -- European news
News from the Washington Post and Associated Press. Previous articles available in database.
Daily news.
Yugoslav radio stations

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ABC News.com
Albanian news mailing list, with archives online available.
Amnesty International - Annual 1998 report on Yugoslavia
Columbia University - search results for 'Bosnia'
Caltech: Bosnia home page
Note: last updated June 1997.
Enter keywords to search the archives. Contains press briefings and news/video clips. You have to take the effort to search, but the news offered is up-to-date.
Center for Defense Information (CDI) -- Balkan conflicts
Collection of relevant articles. Is up-to-date.
Center for Strategic and International Studies: Crisis in Kosovo
Note: Not very up-to-date.
Central Europe Review
Owned by Central Europe Review Ltd. Features news and articles about the Balkans.
Combat On-line: KFOR in Kosovo
UÇK point of view.
EmergencyNet News - Conflict in Kosovo
News coverage of the Kosovo conflict. Note: Not up-to-date.
GlobalSecurity.org - military operations in Yugoslavia
Foreign Policy In Focus: Europe
Collection of articles.
Global Beat: Balkan Conflicts
Human Rights Watch -- Kosovo
Institute for War and Peace Reporting
International Crisis Group: Balkans
Jane's Information Group:
The Albanian Connection
Albanian point of view.
Kosova Homepage
Kosova Information Center.
Serbian views.
With daily news from several sources. Unclear to whom the site belongs.
NPR -- Crisis in Kosovo
OneWorld (OneWorld Broadcasting Trust):
Open Media Research Institute (OMRINet)
With the OMRI Daily Digests -- look for section about Balkans.
Orientation Central & Eastern Europe
Picture Projects
Photographic exhibition.
Policy.com - Today's News
Political Cartoons : Yugoslavia
A collection of brilliant cartoons.
Russian and East European Network Information Center (REENIC)
Shmuel Vaknin
Apart from his own works from being promoted, a series of interesting articles is being offered.
Serbian Network
School of Slavonic and East European Studies [University College London]
Socia Media: Former Yugoslavia on Internet
University of Zagreb
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics -- Collection of photographs made during the war. Mirror site at http://us-mirror.math.hr.
US Institute of Peace Library- Balkan Region Web Links
US News -- Archives
Archived coverage since 1998.
War against Yugoslavia
News and a webcam in Belgrade.
What you should know about Bosnia Recommended
Jim Barlett: What you should know about Bosnia -- Why the war?
Witness: online documentary series [Gary Matoso]
Personal narrative.
World Book Encyclopedia: Conflict in Kosovo


Personal Homepages

Bosnia Buddah [Cesar G. Soriano]
A personal narrative of a US soldier after his 9 month tour. With a diary and pictures.
Digital Journalist: David Brauchli's Kosovo Diary
Associated Press journalist's personal Albania diary.
Hope on the Balkans
Positieve ontwikkelingen in voormalig Joegoslavie. 'Goed nieuws', wat vaak genegeerd wordt in de massamedia. (Language: mainly Dutch.)
James Bissett's Balkan Crisis Page
Former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia.
Clark recalls 'lessons of Kosovo'
Article about Wesley Clark, NATO's former SACEUR who was sent home earlier than expected under the Clinton's weak foreign policy.
Mario's Cyberspace Station: Kosovo Crisis [Mario Profaca]
The Kosovo crisis by an independent Croatian journalist.
Operation Joint Endeavour / Joint Guard Veterans Website
Website for IFOR/SFOR(1) veterans.
Page about Mostar
Caritas Italiana, Servizio Civile Internazionale, Lavoriamo per la Pace
The Balkan Conflict [S.T. Planken]
Extensive site with up-to-date news on the conflict in the Balkans.
Unconquered Bosnia
Voices from Sarajevo [Sharon M. Gartenberg]
Personal narrative.
Women, state, and culture in the former Yugoslavia [Kristina]



A variety of maps is available through a number of sites: NATO, CNN, Washington Post, etc. Here are some alternatives.

ABC maps of Yugoslavia
About.com - Yugoslavia and Kosovo maps
BiH territorial division under Dayton Accords [Bosnia Action Coalition]
Bosnia maps [Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection]
Eurimage satellite image of Kosovo
Maps in the news: Bosnia [John R. Borchert Map Library]
Collection of links to maps by the University of Minnesota.
Maps of Kosovo [University of Texas / Austin]
Exellent collection of maps and URLs of maps.
NATO: KFOR online - maps
NATO troop deployment zones in Bosnia [Bosnia Action Coalition]


Usenet / Discussion

clari.world.europe.balkans (to reach it, your site has to be subscribed to Clarinet news)
list.croatia : Croatia
list.mknews : Macedonia
list.serbnet : Serbia
Discussion on former Yugoslavia
misc.news.bosnia (moderated - see FAQ)


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