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Central European Regional Research Organization (CERRO) (Gopher)
Joint initiative of several universities to support regional research, domiciled in Vienna, Austria.
Committee of the Regions
Economic and Social Committee
Europa van morgen
Europe of Tomorrow. Special European part of De Digitale Stad.
European Committee, Dutch representative
European Union: Europe Homepage
WWW-server offering information on the European Union's goals and policies. Also history. EUROPA is a common endeavour of the EU's institutions, run by the European Commission.
European Information Pages
European Ombudsman
European Parliament
European Publications
Site of SDU publisher.
History of European Integration [Leiden University]
Information Market Europee
IM-Europe acts as a medium for supporting the actions of DGXIII of the European Commission in stimulating the European electronic information services market and multimedia content industries.
Information European citizens
Information Society Project Office
European Electronic Highway
Office for Official Publications of the EC
Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) (Gopher) [NATO]
OSCE Office in Prague
Western European Union (WEU) (FTP)
Western European Union


Law & Order

European Court of Justice
European Court of Justice [Via Europe Homepage]



European Central Bank
European Court of Auditors
Europese Rekenkamer.
European Investment Bank
European Monetary Institute [Europe Homepage]



ABC News: Euro countdown
European Monetary Union
Economische en monetaire unie, consequenties van de invoering van de euro. Language: Dutch.
Dutch introduction of the Euro
Het nationaal forum voor de introductie van de euro. Official forum about the introduction of the Euro. Language: Dutch.
Euro calculator [Willem Doosje]
Index European Information Pages
Introduction of the Euro - compilation of community legislation and related documents
Practical aspects of the introduction of the Euro
Extensive document of the European Commission.
Citibank - Accommodating the Euro
Impact of the introduction of the euro on capital markets
Document of the European Commission (document is divided over 6 smaller documents).
EMU -- convergence and timing
HM Treasury article on the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU).
HP Nederland en de Euro
Practical issues arising from the introduction of the Euro
Article of the Bank of England.

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