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HTML Guides

A Beginner's Guide to HTML [NCSA]
Ask Doctor Web
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Composing Good HTML
CSS Pointers Group
Learn web standards
How do they do that with HTML? [Carl Tashian]
This page explains all of the "tips and tricks" of HTML as well as Netscape's HTML extensions.
Img "alt" attribute
Media Builder HTML Tutotial
Netscape's page of examples.
Netscape: Table examples
Optimizing animated GIFs
The Elsop Refroom for Webmasters
The Ultimate Webpublisher's Guide
HTML, style guides, images, scripts.
The Virtual Webmaster Guide
Web Monkey
A how-to guide.
Yahoo - Computers & Internet: Information & Documentation: Data Formats: HTML: Guides &Tutorials/
Yahoo Internet Life - Ask the Surf Guru


Java Script

24 Hour - Welcome/Login
More than 800 scripts, discussion forums, and news. (Registration is free but required.)
DevEdge Online
Netscape's Java site.
Java applet index [Sun]
How to learn JavaScript in about 21 minutes.
JavaScript Mini-FAQ [Danny Goodman]
Complete FAQ on Java, including version 1.2.
Langamis JavaScript
Some script examples.
Sippin' Good Java
Spotlight on Java
The 7th Project
Features some ready-to-use scripts.
The JavaScript Planet
Neat website with many examples ready for use.
Yahoo - Computers & Internet: Programming Languages: Java/Guides Tutorials & Documentation



Amazing Backgrounds by Jay [Jay Lichtman]
Select your favorite background from an extensive list.
Background Colors
The Backgrounds Archive
The color specifier for Netscape
Extensive color table. Shows you which RGB code to use for your favorite color. Also provides example with selected color as background color.



The free version of the RealAudio player enables you to listen to streaming audio on the Internet.
The Wav Place



Animated GIF shop
Links to several resources, animated GIFs, goodies, HTML guide.
Gemal's Psyched Site
GIF Cruncher
GIF compression tool. You can shrink GIF files on-line for free.
HTML goodies
All kinds of HTML goodies. Also JAVA script examples.
HTML related utilites and tips [Arjen Venhuis]
A list of handy dandy HTML utilities, tips and tricks.
Dave Raggett's free utility for checking HTML validity on multiple platforms.
Graphic resources. Featuring the Animated GIF of the day.
Site Owner
All the tools you -- a site owner -- need.
Free graphics for the web.



Net Mechanic
Also checks links.
Test CSS1 and CSS2 capabilities of your browser. Also lists browser-specific bugs.
Site Inspector
Fill in your URL and Site Inspector checks it all.
Spyglass HTML Validator
A freeware HTML validator for Windows 95 that allows batch validation against HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, MSIE 2.0, and Spyglass DTDs.
Suite of HTML Validation Suites
To make life easier for you: Here's a page with several HTML Validation sites.
Website garage
WebTechs HTML Validation Service [WebTechs]
Syntax check for your HTML documents.
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C):
W3C CSS Validation Service
W3C HTML Validation Service
Good verifier, though depending on the options selected, the output can be somewhat cryptic.
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
The IETF is the protocol engineering and development arm of the Internet.



Offering distribution lists, discussion groups and other services.
Easily setting up distribution lists and discussion groups.
Free service to remind you by email that a page on the Internet has changed.



Any Browser campaign
The Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
The Blue Ribbon Campaign Supporters Webring