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There are lots of techno producers, but there is only one Aphex Twin. Richard D, James (which is his real name) is one of the most influential and progressive producers the music scene has ever seen since the creation of music! Ever since a guy in my class gave me a tape with 'Universal Indicator: TB303 - TR606' I have been hooked to the music from Richard! I buy everything he releases and he has never let me down! The sheer variation in style of his music always offers new insights into music. From his experiments in Ambient on his two 'Selected Ambient Works' cd's to the strange and twisted Drum&Bass and even some of his singing on the 'Girl/Boy' EP he always surprises with every release! How about the classical remix done by Phillip Glass of the song 'ICCT Hedral'!? Aphex is always ready for some experiments!
Aphex Twin

We of the Fredscape Collective are always looking forward to his next releases and we hope to give you some info you can use... The things that we offer on this page aren't very axtraordinary, but there are much better pages on the net for things like pictures and samples. We just offer reviews of his stuff and links to cool Aphex pages around the web. We hope you like it!

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C D reviews => Albums
These reviews are cronologically ordered

Analogue Bubblebath
This is a cd from an EP that came out quite a while ago! This is the first thing that Richard D. James (Alias Aphex Twin/Polygon Window/AFX/TheDiceman/and lots more) released! It's very, very cool!! There's one ambient song (Analogue Bubblebath) and three hard ones. This cd is only about 30 minutes, but it justifies the costs!

Selected Ambient works '85 - '92
This is an absolute classic, described by critics as the best cd in the genre!! It features some of the best ambient songs ever made. Richard said that it features music from when he was only 14! Well... don't read this, just buy this bloody cd! :)

Polygon Window - Surfin on Sine Waves
This is an old cd, which I just forgot to include on this page. It's an early work of Richard D. James, alias Aphex Twin! It's in the same style as Selected Ambient works '85-'92 (see above). It's still one of the better techno cd's on the market and it deserves .a place in any techno-cd-collection!

Selected Ambient works II
This is the follow-up of SAW '85-'92, but that's where the comparison ends. This cd is much less accessable than SAW1. It features almost no beats, has no titles and has some of the most depressing music ever made (I mean this in a way!). Another classic by the master.

This is a cd with releases by R&S records. Aphex wasn't pleased with the release of this cd, because all of the 12"'s could have become collectors items!! But for us it's very good that this cd has come out, because it is of incredible quality!! This is a pretty hard cd, so be sure to listen to it before you buy (but I think you'll buy it anyway, because it's just sooooo cool!!).

Donkey Rubarb (CD-single)
This is a pretty cool cd-single featuring two 'not so good' songs (the first two on the disc) and two very, very good onces (the last two naturally). Song number three is a 'remix' of a song from his album I care because you do' (I forgot the title of the song). He has recorded the song with the London Philharmonic Orchestra! Yes, it sounds really cool (better then the original if you ask me!). Too bad for the first two songs, but the last two make up for those!

I care because you do...
This cd is another masterpiece delivered by the master Himself: Aphex Twin! It containes a whole lot of different types of house (Techno, Ambient, TripHop) and is reccomended to anyone with money to spare (and an appreciation for house of course :)

Mike & Rich - Expert knob Twiddlers
It has been on every techno lovers' wishlist. It's been awaited by every techno lover alike! And it's finally here! The co-produced cd by Richard D. James and Micheal Paradinas!! It's been worth the wait if you ask me! The mixture of styles from these two great artists really works very good! The cool happy melodies of -ziq combined with the dark(ish) strings and beats of Aphex Twin and the combined humor and pleasure in making music make this cd really worth listening to! In my idea these two guys just got into a recording studio and wondered how idiotic and stupid they could make this. Even the cover art (on which they are playing a game, of which I don't know the English name) is very humorous. The use of samples and even a burp in one song is very funny! It's definately cool!

Girl/Boy EP
Oh boy, finally a new cd from Aphex twin and it doesn't dissapoint! If you've heard his experiments in Jungle on the Hangable Autobulb EP (on Vinyl only) or if you've heard the incredible rhythems of Squarepusher then you'll know what to expect. Incredible rhythms, very cool melodies and even some singing performed by Richard himself! ('I wish the milkman would deliver my milk... in the morning'. How's that for a lyrick! :) Aphex Twin has entered a new level!

Richard D. James Album
Only a few weeks after the release of his latest EP (The Girl/Boy EP) comes this album. This is one hell of an album! The beauty of his melodies combined with some freaky beats and samples! There's one very cool ambient-styled song (called Fingerbib (?)) and even a song which you can describe as some sort of Christmas song (called: Goon Gumpos). Beautiful! The only let-down is the fact that it's only 30 minutes long! But it's worth the money!

Aphex Twin - Come to daddy (8 track EP)

If 'Jamrolypoly' is strange then this is ultimately bizarre!! It starts with an excellent Prodigy styled song complete with screaming guitars and shouting, which has a very scary looking and very cool video-clip in which all people have Aphex' face and run around screaming and looking scary.
If you are lucky enough to have the RealPlayer plugin you can view the clip on-line (and listen to it of course..) at the WARP site...
Then onto a very 'gentle' song with a very nice melody. This cd is so full of different styles, it's amazing! It's also full of little humoristic touches. Such as a little bit of singing (like on the 'Boy/Girl EP') and some shouting and freaky samples of (we think) someone who came to visit Aphex in his studio. Very bizarre, very excellent, a must-have for any Aphex Fan!!

This is another bizarre example of Aphex Twin's sick musical genius, a totally weird caleidoscope of funny sounds and weird beats, accompanied by various totally distorted voice-samples of the big man himself. The overall result is pretty cool, it mixes a nice feeling of summer-like well-being with the distorted images you get when you have too much to drink. And the video is totally awesome, delivered by the great Chris Cunningham. It features a whole herd of women with beautiful bodies and rather un-beautiful parodies of Richard's face molded on to them. They dance and behave rather weird, while scaring the shit out of some *very* stereotype homies....totally awesome!

The CD also features two other numbers; the crystal clear sounds of the song Nannou and the distorted sounds of .... well, some strange formula, complement each other niceley.

C D reviews => Remixes
Aphex is famous for totally remodeling songs he remixes. To such an extent that the original is completely unrecognisable. Here are some cd's with Remixes by Richard

Various - TheMikeFlowersPopsMeetsTheAphexTwin
Mike Flowers Pops are known for their 70's style pop-covers of hits like 'light my fire' from the Doors. The first song on this mini-album (or EP, whatever) is the original song bye MFP called Freebase. The next 6 songs are remixes bye names as Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert and The Mellowtrons. Especially the Luke Vibert mix is very cool and I can safely say some of the best Jungle on the market! If you want Jungle, then buy this cd!! (It's cheap too!!)

The gentle people - Journey (CD-Single)
This cd is the ambient version of the current hype: Easy Tune. It's very spacey and very 'seventies'. Cool melodies, cool rhythems, and cool vocals! It's also got a mix by Aphex Twin! Well worth your dough if you ask me!

C D reviews => Compilations
CD's with songs from Aphex on them

Various - Artificial Intelligence 2
This cd features a collection of songs from the label Warp. It's high quality and very relaxing. There's also a video of this cd with cool video-clips. I myself think it's cool, but nothing really special (except for the songs by Speedy-J and Aphex Twin), but decide for yourself!

Nav Katze - Don't mind the distortion
This cd is from a Japanese group, but contains mixes by Aphex Twin, Blackdog, Reload and a few more. Very cool and relaxing stuff with even in two of the songs a few (Japanese) vocals!!

Vinyl reviews
Lots of stuff from Aphex is and was released on vinyl, here's some we have...
Some of the reviews where done by Erik

AFX - Hangable Autobulb EP (Warp; WAP 67)
AFX is Richard D. James and he usually releases his records under the name AFX on his own Rephlex lable. With this EP Richard comes to new hights, that of jungle. Never before has ony record of him sounded like this one. This EP sounds different from any other Jungle record ever, but this shouldn't be a surprise, because everything he does sounds different then other things! On side A you have 'Children Talking' with a very strange sample and 'Hangable Autobulb'. The ending of this song is very strange and is more of an audio-experiment than music really. Another audio-experiment is to be found on side B. The track 'Bit' is only 6 seconds long. Every song has his own little peculiarity and this makes this a very good 6-song 12"!

AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 4 (Rephlex Cat 019EP)
No titles on this one for a change. Not that it matters, because a title doesn't make a song any better. Four tracks, that - again - differ very much in style. A very hard song in which it seems that an elephant (!?) has been sampled, an acid number, an ambient number (the best one in my opinion) and a happy techno-song with a very happy melody (this one is Teccie's favorite). It's all very different from the last Ananlogue Bubblebath record (number 3 in case you where wondering). This record has got all styles covered, so this is no boring 12" whatsoever!

GAK 1-4 (Warp; WAP 48)
This record was released in 1994, but the songs are from 1990. It is said that Richard D. James made them and that isn't a strange conclusion if you hear the songs. The four songs that this 12" holds sound very different from your main-stream techno. All the numbers are at about the same level of quality. GAK1 is a piano-song with a good melody, GAK2 is a easy song with a relaxed melody. GAK3 is a bit harder, the hihats sound very distorted and GAK4 is again a bit more relaxed with a melodieus bassline that continues through the whole song.

More Aphex around the Web...

RePHleX logo Aphex has his own label. It is called Rephlex and is one of the most progressive labels in the universe! This page doesn't just look cool, it also features tons of information on the artists and releases on Rephlex.
Warp Logo Warp is one of the best and biggest underground labels. Some of Aphex' best work has been released on this label, and it is surely one of the best looking sites on the web!

Aphex Start
Very up to date site with lots of news, a great real-audio archive and much, much more!

Shiny Metal Rods
Pretty nice site, which only offers links to other Aphex sites. A beginner's guide to Aphex is in the works... Hasn't been updated since october 1997, but some links are still working.

Aphex web
Very nice site, with news, links and information.

Complete discography
Probably the only reliable source of all of Richard's releases on the net.

Aphex Twin
Very simple, but nice site with up-to-date news, links, info, discographies and much, much more!

The graphical style is a direct rip-off from the Warp-records site, but this is definately one of the better sites on the net!

Aphex is a twin
A very good-looking and well-designed page which is supposed to offer mp3's. But since there are none that I could find it is just sort of a good-looking discography. Maybe some time in the future the mp3's will arrive here, who knows?

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