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About the FMC...
The FMC are a bunch of mod-artists who distinguish themselves from the mainstream mod-groups by keeping loyal to their underground taste in music! The FMC specialises in Dance-oriented mods. Our preferred styles are techno, electro and ambient, but we are always open to other influences (except for 1 style, but more about that later).

Everybody can join us, but we have a few things you should consider. We normally don't do remixes or covers, except if the song is too good to ignore. We detest hardcore in any form and even songs that sound to hardcore-ish will not be released. The final thing we don't like is using drumloops or sampled melodies in mods, other then the ones created by the actual mod-artist using such programs as Rebirth and such. We might make an exception if the song is good enough, but don't bet on it.

If tou think your song is FMC-material then all you have to do is send us a mail with a mod made by you (please not larger than 750k!!!). If we like it, you're in!

Same goes for a guest release in the FMC, just click the links below...

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