Maz HomePage
This page has lots of usefull mod-editors/players/rippers/samples you name it, it's there!
On this ftp-site you'll find lots and lots of usefull stuff, including modules and mod-editors/players!

Demogroup Perseus Inc.
A group making demo's and mods, which are pretty cool!

Speedme's mods-page!
A page from a guy I met on IRC

Cyberbox ftp-site
Very big ftp site with lots of mods, modprogs and samples!!

Cyberman X' Musical Reality
A very good-looking and quite big site! Highly recommended!

The Skyjump team homepage
This is a page from a group of mod-trackers. It's a cool site, with lots of great songs and good links!

The Sound Distribution Site
This is a massive site! It's one of the best I've seen! Loads of links in many different catagories! Highly recommended!!!!

Castle X
This is one of the biggest Mod-sites, it's very good! It also features the only mod-plugin for netscape and IE: Modplug!! Don't miss this!

The next section is a list of links, without descriptions...

The Complete MOD Site list
Aminet Mod-directories
Ruud Schilders' Jungle & MOD music page
Morph's XM music page
FTP Directory of Composers