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First I'll explain why I chose the nickname 'Teccie'. Well, it's pretty simple really. You have Trekkies, who are fans of the series Star Trek and I'm a Teccie, which is a fan of Techno music, pretty keen isn't it?!

Here are my 'statistics'!

Name :Pjotr Stam
IRC Nickname : Teccie
Favorite IRC Channel : #house (on server: irc.sci.kun.nl or irc.xs4all.nl or irc.nijenrode.nl)
Sex : Male (straight)
Date of birth : 20 June 1977
Place of birth : Leusden, Holland
Curent hometown : The Hague (Den Haag)
Country: The Netherlands
Current Study : Information Services and -management
Last Study (not finished): Computer Science
Last Finished Study : Havo (compareable to highschool)
Current School :Haagse Hogeschool (The Hague Highschool)
Occupation : Student
Favorite Films : The Fifth Element, Space Balls, Blade Runner, All Quintin Tarantino movies, the Star Wars Trilogy, Leon, Event Horizon and many more...
Favorite TV-series :Star Trek: TNG, DS9 & Voyager, X-files, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, Babylon 5
Favorite Comedians :Theo Maassen (Dutch), Hans Teeuwen (Dutch), Bert Visscher (Dutch), Youp van 't Hek (Dutch), Eddie Murphy (American), Rowan Atkinson (English), John Cleese (English)
Favorite sports : Basketball and Badminton
Favorite food : Fish, Chinese and Italian
Favorite Music : Acid, intelligent Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass, Progressive Techno and Ambient (see my technopage)
Favorite Artists :Aphex Twin and -ziq
Favorite song : Aphex Twin - Polynomial C

Well, that's it really.
If you want to know anything more about me, just click here to mail me