Guest Releases

Although we are a mod group, we still encourage individualism. So if you want to release a mod under our banner, but don't want to join, then you can! We'll only put an FMC-header in the description of the mod, and place it on this page.

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And send us a mod! (max. 500k please!)

Brain Work (IT, 295K) by Dupont
Our first guest release is one of the strangest mods I have ever heard! Anybody that likes the latest work from Speedy J (Ni Go Snix and Public Energy no. 1) will love this mod!

We love Hack (XM, 502K, Chemical)
This song is amazing! Although not really a FMC release, I think this song is great, so I realeased it anyway!! Chemical to the max, very experimental and an amazing beat!!