Members of FMC

Goudvis is a slightly deranged mod-artist who makes some very interesting stuff. His music is...well...a bit 'unusual'. It's cool though, he has made some cool songs and also a remix or two...

Well... This is me actually... the co-designer of the page ( together with Fredman). I have been making mods for quite a while now. Click on "More Mods!" for my old work!. I hav etons of unfinished mods on my harddisk, some of which are on the 'Unfinished...' page. My musical style is different in just about every release I do, reaching from ambient to trance to techno, electro and trip hop!

The Experimental People
Little is known about this strange group. Besides the fact that it combines the talents of Teccie and Goudvis that is :)

The Unknown
One day I got a mail from this guy (for it is a guy) with a mod that he made. it was a remix from a Chemical Brothers song and it sounded cool. But since we at FMC don't like sampled beats and everything I asked him if he had more. So he sent me two mods that were very cool! Since then he has remixed some of my unfinished mods and he sent me some more stuff. Just check it out, his music rules!
You can visit his homepage at:

I actually know very little about this guy. He sent some mods (via The unknown) and they were very cool! He's from Sweden, just like The Unknown (he actually lives about 90 minutes from The Unknown! His first release was under the name 'Chippe'. Before he started making mods on the PC he made mods on the Amiga.

Sonic DK
Sonic DK is an 18 year old bloke from Germany. He has been making mods for about two years and generally makes hard techno tunes. His style is different from the rest of us thus broadening the scope of the Fredscape Mod Collective! (Note: The picture features 2 fossilised bugs making out after smoking a joint or two :)
Since the FMC is run by only one person, sometimes it'll take a while before new mods are added, you can check Sonic's own page for his most recent tunes.

Cassio Pei
Our latest adversary lives in Canada, but was born in Monterrey (that's in Mexico). His musical style is very diferent from anything I have ever heard in a mod. Haunting, very spacy strings with cool breaks. If you know Autechre then you'll get the picture!

This mysterious being has just sent me some stuff and I don't know anything about him... Just listen to his music...