Current releases on the FMC
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GoudvisTeccieThe Experimental PeopleThe UnknownDeoneSonic DKCassio Pei
Last update: 17 february 1999
(New mods are added at the bottom of each catagory!)

Latest additions:
  • Quadphlex Fragments by Teccie
  • Love Sucks by Sonic DK
  • Get Down by Sonic DK
  • Skinlickin' by Sonic DK
  • Medzo Media by Cassio Pei
  • A Wudth by Cassio Pei
  • Track 1 by Cassio Pei
  • Taking Over by D D T

  • Goudvis
    Fucked up Hydro shit! (S3M, 34K, Melodious techno)
    This is a nice song with a very long intro and a nice beat. A bit boring if you ask me, but pretty cool anyway :)

    Spacy Television (S3M, 29K, Progressive beats)
    This is a cool song with a simple, but highly addictive melody and very freaky breakbeats!

    Virtual Drug (S3M, 98K, Melodious ambient)
    This mod is cool! A very strange melody and a cool beat!

    Tunnel (S3M, 31K, Techno)
    Well, another cool mod from Goudvis. Highly danceble and very nice!

    The Goudvis Theme (S3M, 64K, Melodious Techno/Breaks)
    This says it's all that Goudvis stands for, just listen...

    Triangle (S3M, 30K, Classic Techno)
    This mod is one of the finest Goudvis has done so far! It has one hell of a melody! I have done a remix called (with a drop of extreme intellect): Triangle, Teccies mix.

    Disug (S3M, 67K, Strings'n'Breaks)
    This latest mod from Goudvis has a cool beat, but I personally think that Goudvis can do better then this mod. Probably best enjoyed by fans of Goud's work.

    21Andres (XM, 46K, Techno/Trance)
    This song is the result of two great minds coming together ;) It has been made by Goudvis and The Unknown. It's a very cool and relaxing techno tune, in which the presence of Goudvis and The Unknown are very obvious. If you know the work of these two you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Shampoo en Tomatensoep (S3M, 22K, Acidic Techno)
    Release date: 30 Juli 1998
    This release is a typicially goofy Goudvis tune with some wicked Acid sounds and a nice beat. (The title means 'Shampoo and Tomato Soup' bye the way).

    Journey into the Unknown (S3M, 107K, Ambient/Techno)
    This is a song I had lying around for quite a while. It's not bad, but not my best either. Fredman convinced me to upload it.

    Wandering the borders (XM, 178K, Slow D&B/House)
    This mod was made in about 30 minutes. It's a nice, slow, housey song with a breakbeat (well, sort of...). (The structure of the song isn't to good, but it's the music that counts right? :)

    Dimensions (S3M, 70K, Ambient/Trance)
    Hmm...this is a strange song. Highly melodic, with a nice break in the middle consisting of nothing but beats...

    Triangle, Teccies mix (S3M, 49K, Melodic Techno)
    This is the best remix I have ever done. It's a remix from Goudvis' totally excellent triangle.s3m which features a very, very cool melody.

    From Beyond... (S3M, 66K, Ambient/Trance)
    After about three months of fiddling around I finally made something worth while. This mod is a bit trip-hop and a bit ambient/trance/techno, with a nice melody with the Tone Portamento effect. Play it with the right player or the melody won't work!

    The Other Side (S3M, 58K, Techno)
    This is a simple little techno tune, with a simple but effective melody and a good build-up. Not the best I've ever done, but still enjoyable I think.

    Elastronomy (S3M, 32K, Techno)
    Release date: 30 Juli 1998
    This song has been lying around for a while and I finally decided to release it. It is a simple techno tune (again) with a very cool bassline and a nice melody.

    Darkness no more (S3M, 73K, Techno)
    Release date: 28 August 1998
    When I started this song I wanted to make an old-style electro song. It turned out quite different. It is a happy little techno tune with a nice melody and some funky beats.

    The Deep (IT, 238K, Ambient)
    Release date: 13 september 1998
    Inspired by the music from Cassio Pei I decided to have a go with Impulse Tracker. The track I made is pretty different from anything I made up untill now. I am very pleased with it, it's an ambient tune with some breakbeats and very nice strings! I have found my style with this one!
    CassioPeya's comment: this track by Teccie is his very best! The melodies are great, the background sounds very 'electro'. A jewel!

    Quadphlex Fragments (IT, 111K, Ambient)
    Release date: 17 february 1999
    After a few months of low inspiration and unfinished ideas I finally made something worth releasing. This tune is a bit more experimental then any I did before. It's very relaxing and actually sounds a bit depressing. The beats are pretty hard and strange, but they never take the attention of the mood this track creates...

    The Experimental People
    Probe (S3M, 38K, Trip Hop)
    Nice, slow trippy song. A bit short, but don't let that put you off!

    Psi-scan (S3M, 37K, Progressive Beatz)
    Cool melody, funky beatz, the usual :)
    This mod has no ending... just let it loop!

    The Unknown
    Return 2 Reality (XM, 420K, Groovy techno)
    This mod has a cool bassline and a very cool rhythm!

    Lights in Heaven (XM, 712K, Slow melodious breakz)
    Hmmm, this mod is hard to describe. It's a slow song, with cool melodies and a very slow breakbeat.

    Unknown Music (XM, 133K, Slow melodious breakz)
    This mod is a remix from an unfinished mod by Teccie. It's a sort of techno song with some cool melodies!

    Deep Space (XM, 259K, Techno)
    This cool new song from The Unknown has a cool melody and very cool beats. It's a techno-mod to dance to!

    Tunnel, Techno remix (XM, 88K, Techno)
    A very excellent remix of Tunnel that was made by Goudvis!

    Chemical breakdown (XM, 237K, Techno/breaks)
    This is the best song The Unknown has done up untill now. Period. He has worked on it for over 20 hours and it is really an excellent peace of craft!

    Waste of time (XM, 70K, Ambient/Trance)
    This is a very short song from The Unknown. Very relaxing, very nice!

    Deserted Lands (XM, 378K, Ambient/Trance)
    Another slow, relaxing tune from our friend The Unknown. Good melody, good beats, the usual :)

    21Andres (XM, 46K, Techno/Trance)
    This song is the result of two great minds coming together ;) It has been made by Goudvis and The Unknown. It's a very cool and relaxing techno tune, in which the presence of Goudvis and The Unknown are very obvious. If you know the work of these two you'll know what I'm talkning about.

    Liery 2 (XM, 68K, Phunky Techno)
    This is the first FMC-release from Chippe. Although the ending is a bit sudden, it has a very cool and funky melody! His FMC-name is Deone. This mod was released under the name Chippe.

    SkruttiBangBang (XM, 158K, Happy dance)
    This mod is something completely different from the one above. It's much more housey and less techno. I like it, but it isn't one of my favourites.

    RUGay? (XM, 197K, Gentle melody)
    This is a very gentle little song, with a nice melody. For everyone who's in a melancholic mood.

    Underworld Faerytale (XM, 204K, Happy dance)
    Another happy tune from Deone. It's almost euro, but not quite (and I mean this in a good way!!).

    Galaxy (XM, 316K, Acidic dance)
    Well...a bit hard to explain, this one. It's a song with a cool breakbeat and some funky 303 lines. It's one of the better ones I think.

    Vacation in Hawaii (XM, 474K, Exotic Dance)
    This little dance tune sounds like coming straight out of the pacific (probably, for I've never been there :). Nice basses, cool melody.

    Sonic DK
    |)ownside Up (S3M, 242K, Techno)
    The first FMC-release from Sonic DK! This is a pretty straight-forward techno tune with a loud bassdrum and some nice melodies.

    A Bomb (S3M, 226K, Techno)
    Release Date: 30 juli 1998
    Tredding a similair path with this release as his previous release, this is a simple techno tune with a loud beat and some freaky melodies.

    Sonic Mind (S3M, 64K, Techno)
    Release Date: 30 juli 1998
    This song sounds like a bombastic score for a movie like Independance Day when the aliens attack or when you are doing a Deathmatch Quake game and you are being chased through a maze of tunnels!

    The bounderies of being... (S3M, 122K, Techno)
    Release Date: 30 juli 1998
    This release is a bit strange. I am not sure what to make of it. It sounds a bit like 'Sonic mind'.

    The World in decay (S3M, 65K, Techno)
    Release Date: 30 juli 1998
    Hmm...another of those strange little songs. This is the kin of music that they should put behind Unreal or Quake II... Spooky and tense!

    Brake it down (S3M, 206K, Techno)
    Release Date: 28 Augusti 1998
    I have the feeling with this song that it is an intro to something. It is pretty nice and you might like it.

    This cold life (S3M, 208K, Techno)
    Release Date: 28 August 1998
    A pretty nice song with a female voice sample in it.

    Nightmare (No Dream) (S3M, 62K, Techno)
    Release Date: 28 August 1998
    This song sounds like an audio experiment of some kind. Sonic used a beat-sample to create a 'melody'. It is not his best mod, but it's definately different!

    Pain X-treme (S3M, 359K, Techno)
    Release Date: 13 september 1998
    I (Teccie) am not the only one who discovered a new style. Our friend Sonic-DK did as well! This mod is very different from his previous work. It's a good song, it builds tension, has some nice voises and everything! The one thing I personally don't like about it is the fact that Sonic-DK used a drumloop, but we can't have everything...

    Love Sucks (S3M, 116K, Techno)
    Release Date: 15 february 1999
    A nice, simple techno tune, with a pretty cool breakbeat. There's not that much melody in this tune, but it has a nice vocal-sample that surprisingly says: "Love sucks"

    Get down (S3M, 326K, Techno)
    Release Date: 15 february 1999
    This song is in the same league as "love sucks". A bit more melody, but not much. It's a real old-fashioned techno-tune with a nice breakbeat.

    Skinlickin' (S3M, 210K, Techno)
    Release Date: 15 fabruary 1999
    This tune has more melody then the "love sucks" and "get down", but still not much. It's a nice tune, with another good breakbeat and a nice vocal.

    Cassio Pei
    7inch (MOD, 195K, Experimental Techno)
    Cassio Pei's style takes some getting used to. Especially if you are not into this kind of music (music from people like Aphex Twin, Autechre and Squarepusher). Freaky beats and even freakier melodies, a breakthrough in mod history!

    Ecki (IT, 277K, Experimental Techno/Ambient)
    A piano is about the only normal thing you will hear in this little gem. Incredibly cool strings and very cool, highly distorted beats complete this mod in style!

    The Big Steps of Perseus (IT, 430K, Ambient)
    Release Date: 30 juli 1998
    Some beautiful strings are the main melody in this tune. The beats are very strange and distorted. This is one of the best mods I have ever heard!

    Waxy Potato (IT, 322K, Ambien)
    Release date: 28th August 1998
    Although a bit short this song has all the aspects that make Cassio Pei's mods so good: beautifull strings, good beats and melody!

    Nocamb (IT, 444K, Ambien)
    Release date: 28th August 1998
    One of the better ones in my opinion. A very cool piano melody and the very nice strings are also present!

    Facom (IT, 46K, Ambient)
    Release date: 28th August 1998
    Some minimal stuff here. Beautifull as ever, but especially for fans of Cassio's style, like me! (Teccie)

    Frwem (IT, 605K, Ambient)
    Release date: 13 september 1998
    Shifting of speed, some very nice strings and freaky beats, what more do you want? :)

    Pollux (IT, 339K, Ambient)
    Release date: 13 september 1998
    In this tune Cassio uses some nice spooky voices and his usual freaky beats and beautifull strings. very nice indeed!

    Stymerious (IT, 285K, Ambient)
    Release date: 13 september 1998
    This tune is very long: more than 9 minutes of playing time, but it never gets boring! The usual ingredients are present, with the addition of some nice bass sounds. The strings at the end are some of the most beautifull I have ever heard in a mod!

    Untitled (IT, 511K, Ambient)
    Release date: 13 september 1998
    It's becoming a drag, but this song features everything that makes Cassio's mods good: freaky breakbeats and beautifull strings.

    Vlom (IT, 218K, Ambient)
    Release date: 7 february 1999
    The sounds in this tune are really amazing! You can really tell that Cassio makes a lot of his own sounds! It's a really haunting track, with some cool synths and strings, the usual really :)

    RPEL (IT, 307K, Experimental Techno)
    Release date: 7 february 1999
    Cassio can be groovy, just listen to the groovy beats in this tune! It's really diffirent from his usually complex and chaotic beats and sounds very cool indeed! This song has a very steady build-up and is really laid-back, with Cassio's usually relaxing strings and nice synthy melodies.

    Old Machine (IT, 326K, Ambient/Experimental Techno)
    Release date: 7 february 1999
    As the title suggests this tune sounds like an old machine at work in a big basement, just drumming away in the disctance. It's really haunting and one of the best Cassio-tracks I've heard thusfar!

    Medzo Media (IT, 269K, Experimental Techno)
    Release date: 1 march 1999

    A Wudth (IT, 216K, Techno)
    Release date: 7 march 1999

    Track 1 (IT, 49K, Ambient)
    Release date: 7 march 1999

    Taking Over (S3M, 68K, Techno)
    Release date: 15 february 1999
    The melody in this tune is excellent in it's simplicety! It also sports some very funky beats, pretty nice.

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