Mod programs & utilities
all progs have been zipped with Pkzip.

Modplug Player (135K)
This is the best modplayer for windows '95. It's small, fast and easy to use! Much better then Mod4Win if you ask us! It also doubles as a Netscape (or IE) Plugin. The version linked here is version 1.90. Go to Castle X for updated versions and the plugin and Tracker!!

Cubic Player v1.7 (329K)
In my opinion the best player available. Many options including cool echoes! This version works in a dos session under win95 too! To cut down on the size of this zipfile the file 'dos4gw.exe' was left out! You probably have it lying around somewere on your harddisk anyway!

Fasttracker 2.08 (282K)
One of the most used trackers, and one of the best!

Scream Tracker v3.2 (159K)
It's technically surpassed by Fasttracker2, but in my opinion this is still the best and easiest mod-editor and it's Public domain too!

Mid2Mod (146K)
I accidentily called the .zip-file, but it must definately be 'mid2mod'! It sounds strange, but this program actually works! (with most midis anyway). It just uses standard samples and converts the midi into a mod. You can even replace the standard samples with your own if you want!! Great stuff!

Wav2Xi (16K)
For all you Fastracker 2 users, here's a util that can convert standard wave files into fastracker .xi-samples! Great for sampling!