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When an artist is good, a fanbase will form. Many a time these fans will create an internetpage as a tribute. There are also quite a few artist that have created their own pages. For all the info you want, from discographies to childhood stories, find them on these pages.

The Fredscape Collective's pages:

Aphex Twin
Absolutely our favorite artist. The music he creates is always different from anything you have heard and he keeps on surprising us with every release.

This British group from Manchester suprises with every record. Cubistic techno with mechanical beats and outstanding melodies.

Darell Fitton, aka Bola makes relaxing ambient/techno at Skam. Unfortunately his records are hard to get. His new album Soup is absolutely great.

DMX Krew
Ed DMX is a guy who's re-invented the 80's disco/italo/electro style with his music. It's not as experimental as Autechre or Aphex Twin, it's just feel-good music with lots of funk and cheesy lyrics.

Together with Richard D. James, Mike Paradinas is one of the most progressive producers in the techno-scene. His music is unlike anything else in the musical world and he deserves a place in the Techno Hall of fame.

The music Squarepusher makes is Drum&Bass with a difference. His highly chaotic drums, very cool basslines, acid-twiddles and jazz-influences are a breath of fresh air in the world of techno and D&B.

Photek creates a sort of Drum&Bass that is quite different from the mainstream. His loud beats overlaid with sonic beauty always pleases the ear without losing it's edge.

Here are the external pages:

Autechre is one of the most progressive groups in techno. Their music is both beautifull and complex. One of our favorite groups!

The Black Dog
A well known bunch of blokes, who recently broke up. They create sonic worlds of ambient

This is a page from one of my favorite techno-producers: Cylob. He's also known as Kinesthesea. He has made everything from beautiful synthesizer sings to extreme, almost hardcore-like tehno stompers.

Brian Eno
This is a homepage of the guy that invented the name of a genre: Ambient.

The Future Sound of London
FSOL is a very progressive group of techno pioneers. Their site is a real extension of their music: bizzarre, beautifull and very well put together!

Homepage about the guys who started the whole process!

Mike Paradinas is a prodigy in the techno scene. His music may not be as progressive as Richard D. James', but it always surprises and never bores! On of the greatest techno producers on this planet!!

The Orb
The Orb doesn't need any introduction. They are the best known ambient arstists in the business. Their music is always surprising and usually very relaxing!

As one of the leading Detroit techno composers Richie Hawtin (alias Plastikman) has made and is still making his mark on the world of minimal techno!

The Prodigy
The Prodigy has made some amazing music. In our humble opinion the music they are making nowadays (after the 'Experience' album) is lightyears in the wrong direction!! But old songs like 'Android' and 'G-Force' are classics and should be in any technofreak's collection!

Rude 66
This is the site from one of Holland's most progressive techno-producers. It looks really cool too!

As stated in the 'misc' section of the technopage Urbansounds is one of our favorite resources of info on alternative electronic music. They also have quite an extensive links-section, of which this is the 'artists' section! If you want more artists, then check this site!

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