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Autechre is bringing us music of outstandig quality, but for some it's difficult to like their music. You can call their music 'music de la concrète'. Autechre (or AE) continues the experiments by Stockhausen years ago, but there is one difference: Autechre is music. Real music. When you hear it for the first time you'll think: only sounds, no music. The destiny of Autechre is to entertain you, that's what you can read at the covers of the group from Manchester. Listening to Autechre is something you have to learn. Learn it you wíll find entertainment.

We of the Fredscape Collective are always looking forward to their next releases and we hope to give you some info you can use... The things that we offer on this page aren't very extraordinary, but there are much better pages on the net for things like pictures and samples. We just offer reviews of his stuff and links to cool Autechre pages around the web. We hope you like it!

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Autechre News

  • At Warp, Autechre will release a new single, called EP7. It's not clear yet when it'll be released.

    C D / Vinyl reviews
    Autechre - Incunabula
    The first album of Autechre, produced and manufactured in 1993. The album brings us wonderful tracks, which are all overloaded with great melodies. All the tracks are very emotional and relaxing. From the relaxed Bike to the charming, funky Lowride. The track 444 is the best, when you ask me, perhaps one of the best of Autechre. With a great sense of melodious strings and a perfect combination with beats, this album is surely famous as One of the Most Important Techno Album op the 90s. 9
    Second opinion: Teccie
    I must add something to the review of this cd. I buy quite a lot of cd's and records and for one to stand out is pretty special. I have had this cd for a couple of years and I still play it at least once a week! In my opinion this cd is a true masterpiece and anyone with a taste for 'Intelligent Dance Music' should have this in his/her collection! This is one of my all-tme favorite cd's and the second track is one of the best and most beautiful IDM-tunes ever!
    Regards, Teccie 10

    Autechre - Amber
    Amber cover Amber is the second album of Autechre. It's very good, when you ask me. When you like Incunabula, you'll like Amber. Glitch shows us how creative you can be with fragile melodies and pure electronica, Further gives you a second hartbeat and the rest of the tracks are very good too! Best is in my opinion Glitch, but choose yourself! 7.5

    Autechre - Tri Repetae
    The third album of Autechre at Warp. There are two versions of Tri Repetae: Tri Repetae and Tri Repetae++. The ++ edition contains all the music from the Anvil Vapre and Garbage ep. The album Tri Repetae is very good, but difficult! It's not like Amber or Incunabula, it's more futuristic, more cubistic. But when you listen carefully you'll discover wonderul melodies and incomprehensive beats. Wonderful, but not for the Autechre beginner! 8

    Autechre - Chiastic Slide
    Chiasit Slide cover The fourth album of Autechre, released at Warp shows you the best music Autechre ever has made. Confusing melodies, cubistic turns, unbelievable beats, etc. One of the best albums ever made in the techno history, that's for sure. Very experimental. The first track, Cipater, begins with the sound of starting motor which is later the beat. Absolutely great! 10+

    Gescom - Minidisc (minidisc only)
    The first music of Gescom pressed on minidisc! There is no LP or CD, just a minidisc, no more. This fact makes the release a collectors item. There are 88 tracks, and I've never heard them. I know that they're very difficult to listen to, and that they're very experimental.

    Autechre - LP5
    The latest release of Autechre. This albums brings us real cubistic techno. Perhaps the most experimenting album of Autechre. The cd artwork is a black, plastic box, very nice! In my opinion this album is really great, especially the tracks Rae, Vose In and Corc, i'm missing something like a continueing melody. The melodies are more underground now, and that makes it difficult. But technical this album is great. Autechre brings the techno another step forward. 8

    C Ds / 12" reviews
    Autechre - Cavity Job
    The very first release of Autechre. I've never seen it.

    Autechre - Basscadet ep
    Basscadet cover The first single of Autechre released on Warp. It is a remix single, with remixes of Seefeel and Beaumont Hannant and more. There are 3 Autechre remixes, which are nice. But the other remixes aren't very good, when you ask me. This single is definately not the best, but if you like hard, minimal electronics with some melodies, you have to buy this one. 6

    Autechre - Anti ep
    This single is also calle AeP, and it contains three tracks. Lost, Djarrum and Flutter. Lost is a very good and relaxing track, of outstanding beautiness. Djarrum is more minimal electronica, but I like. But I like Flutter as most. Beware: there are two versions of Anti, as usual. A 12" and a cd single. Unfortunately the 12" contains Flutter in the slow version, the cd single has Flutter in the fast version. The slow version is better, that's for sure. It's emotional, and has wonderful melodies. It remembers me a bit of Aphex Twin. When you want the nicest music, buy the 12". Flutter (the non-repetitive version) is the most wonderful track on Anti (and surely one of the best of Autechre), so get it as nice as possible! 7

    Gescom - Gescom ep
    Gescom is Autechre + friends. This Gescom 12" feautering Rob Hall, Bola and Autechre. You can hear Bola is in this 'supergroup' this time. There are very nice melodies in it and Autechre's part is there too again. Four tracks of shear brillance!. 9

    Autechre - Garbage ep
    Garbage (AeG) cover Garbage, also called AeG shows us the same artwork as Amber, but then with a lot of Garbage all over it. The music on the contrary is no garbage! Wonderful melodies combined with excellent beats, the usual stuff. The Bronchusevenmx is a track without a beat or something. Just only a melodie which makes you cry. Matchless!! 9

    Gescom - Gescom 2 ep

    This 12" gives us the music of Gescom again! Released by the mysterious Skam label again. Here feautering Autechre and A. Maddocks, the founder of the Skam label. Gescom2 ep brings us Snackwitch, more a joke than a serious track. Mag is pure hiphop without rap. Not stunning. 6.5

    Gescom - The Sounds of Machines our Parents Used ep
    Go Sumo is a wonderful fast Autechre track with an atmospheric melody. Go Sheep has the same melody but this track is a little bit simpler and not so good as Go Sumo. Puzl is a 14 minutes track and brings us the atmospheric, more Bola-like music. A hair closer to their Autechre material but still goofy enough to be a Clear release. Reportedly the group released it is a joke, but the result is anything but laughable. Accomplished, if not essential, stuff. 8

    Autechre - Anvil Vapre ep
    Anvil Vapre cover Anvil Vapre contains four tracks, they are all good, but not outstanding. Perhaps you know the track Second Bad Vilbel of the video, which was on MTV years ago. That track is very hard stuff. Loud music, electro, that's how you can call it. I like the track Second Scepe as most, it's like DraunQuarter at Envane, very good. You'll like this when you like unpolished electronics. 7

    Gescom - Motor ep
    This 12" is very very minimal. There are almost no melodies on it, just a electronic beat. The music is cool though, but not very attractive. 7.5

    Autechre - we r are why / are y are we? ep
    This single is mailorder only at Warp. It isn't in a musicstore anywhere on the world. The music is very good, that's a thing! The first track is more minimal music, very Autechre, very Warp. The second track contains one of the most beautifull melodies Autechre has produced so far. Really fantastic stuff. 8.5

    Autechre - Chichli Suite ep
    Chichli Suite cover On Chichli Suite 12"/Cds we meet five tracks of outstanding beauty. The very futuristic and nice artwork promises some difficult music for inside. Perhaps you think Chichli Suite is difficult, in my opinion it is not. The most accessible single of Autechre gives the best music Autechre has released until so far. The track Krib is surely one of the best Autechre ever has released, there is a sample of two glasses ticking against eachother. Really brillant. 10

    Gescom - Key Nell ep
    This 12" by Gescom brings us four tracks, which are all nice. The second track seems to be the best of the single, but choose yourself! 7

    Gescom - Key Nell (Autechre Mixes) ep
    There are two Autechre mixes on this 12", released at Warp. Unfortunately this release is very hard to get, so when you have it, praise yourself lucky!

    Autechre - Envane ep
    This single, released at Warp in 1997, looks like the music from Chiastic Slide, the following album. There a four tracks which are all brillant. The opening track, 902Quarter shows us how good Booth&Brown knows to scratch. There is a nice, pumping Ae beat and the melodies are of confusing beauty. The last track is the best, in my opinion. It's a 11 minutes track and all the things which are happening are great! There is a wonderful melody, distorted beats and a peevish sound in the background. 40 minutes of great music! Are there better things on earth? 9.5

    Gescom - This ep / That ep
    These two ep's have recently been released at the English Skam label. On the This 12" there are three Autechre remixes. The That ep contains mixes of other, no-famous artists, like Tara and Pharoid. That makes the This ep better than the That. There are strange tracknames like Self Impersonation and Chunge. Hard to get. Resp. 7 and 6

    Autechre - Peel Sessions
    The sessions of Autechre in the radio program of John Peel, in the US. Originally transmitted 13 October 1995. This single is really outstanding of quality. The Hiphop-ish MilkDx Autechre beats with the atmospheric melodies of Inhake2. Drane is an absolutely spacy track and gives you the feeling you will never return to earth. Absolutely great. 9.5

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    Warp Logo The label Warp has released the most music of Autechre. Warp is already the home-base of Aphex Twin and Plaid.
    SKAM The mysterious Skam label (UK) is the home-base of Bola, Boards of Canada (now Warp), Freeform and Gescom.

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    A complete discography, loads of information. One of the best Autechre pages of the web!

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