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Darell Fitton, aka Bola, is a ambient/techno artist at the mysterious Skam label. His recordsare often very relaxing. When you play his musicbefore you go to bed, you will surely sleep well! Unfortunately his releases are very hard to get, so you have to take the trouble to search for them. It is worth while!Lucky enough, the big British Warp label sells all the Skam releases via their mart now.
The Skam label is well-known for the Techno-spotters because they released a mysterious Mask-session, with artists from Musik aus Strom and Skam. The Mask 12"s are extraordinary hard to get, and when you have one, you can consider yourself fortunate: there usually are just 500 copies pressed!
The same with the old Bola 12"s, hard to get, but very good!


  • The LP/CD Soup is out now. You can order it via Warpmart now.

  • The whole (availabe) Skam catalogue is there too, at Warpmart. Unfortunately all the old releases of Skam areout of print now, but the new ones will be available from Warpmart now.

    Ep Reviews

    Bola - Bola 1 (Skam;SKA05) 12", ??/??/95
    This 12", released at the Skam label contains four tracks. The first track, Forcasa 3 is a techno-track with a wonderful melody and some detroit-stylie figures. One of the best Bola tracks. The other tracks are ambient-styled, all over-delayed/reverbed. Really good. 8

    Bola - 7" (?;KMS002) 7", 22/06/98 This 7" brings us three tracks. Aguilla, Triangle Cake and Curbstard. This untitled ep is also called Aguilla, because that's the first track on the 12". When you want to order it at a musicstore, I suppose you have to say Aguilla when you want the right 12". Very confusing. The tracks are very nice, this release is advisable. Aguilla begins with classical strings, later a slow, peaceful beat enters. In the middle of the track there is some sort of choir, and a funky electric piano enters. Bola at his best. An extraordinary track. The rest of the tracks are not so good as Aguilla, but they're good. Really funky, this release. 8

    LP/CD reviews

    Bola - Soup (Skam;SKALP02) 12"/CD, ??/??/98
    The first album of Bola, released at Skam. The name Soup is a play upon words: say the name of the artist before the name of the release. You get: Bola Soup. You'll discover: Bowl-a-soup! The album is great Bola stuff, relaxing melodies, hypnotic melodic figures: all what Bola stands for! You can order this release via
    Warmart.Some tracks at this album will remember you dance tracks of the 80's, other tracks are more techno nowadays, mostly inspired by FSOL and some Autechre. But Bola has his own style, and that's what this album makes so great. A fabulous album! 9.6

    Bola appears on:

    Various Artists - Skampler CD, 7/7/97
    Bola appears on this Skam compilation with two tracks: Forcasa 3 and Cobalt. Forcasa 3 can be found on the Bola1 12" too, Cobalt is a new track. The CD is nice, there are two great Boards of Canada tracks on it too. Gescom, Lego Feet, Jega and Freeform are the other artists. The tracks on this CD are really unpolished, except the BOC and Bola tracks. Very good. 8.5

    Various Artists - 0161 CD ( 0161), 6/15/97
    Bola appears on this compilation CD with one track: 01706. It's a nice track, there is funk in it again and a nice electric piano. Autechre appears on this CD too, with a hidden track, untitled, not impressive, to be honest. This CD is a co-operation between V/Vm and Public, with Skam. There is a good Gescom track on it, and a wicked Jega song. 7.2

    Various Artists - Mask2 12", ??/05/97, 200 copies pressed
    One of the mysterious Mask series. There are just 200 copies pressed of this one. There is a Bola track on it, it is not known which of the five. Appearing in no particular order: Hellinterface, Funkstörung, Bola, Jega and Intron. Nobody knows (maybe the artists do) which track is made by whom. There is no tracklisting. But you can guess which track is made by which artist. The Bola track is very nice, extraordinary dark. It rules. 7.5

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