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These reviews are written by Teccie. They are ordered by genre and within each genre by alphabet. I have included a link to the artist's page where possible.

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[Acid] [Ambient/Trance] [Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass] [Techno/Electro] [Various styles]

Acid is based almost entirely on the Roland TB-303 bass sequencer. The sounds out of this machine mean for the acid music what guitars mean for rock. The pure, raw energy that drives this music is not to everyone's taste, because it can sound dark and sometimes very hard and monotone. But it plays a big role in the electronic music scene and has many fans.

The Acid Junkies - Paranoid experience
This cd is compiled out of some old songs of the Acid Junkies, with some live performed ones too. It is your mainstreet, straight forward acid which still sounds very cool. There are some songs which I dislike a bit, but the general feeling about this cd is good.

DJ-kicks featuring C.J. Bolland
This is a cd from a new series with mixes by renowned dj's. This one ismade by C.J. Bolland and is mainly acid-based. It's pure and very good dance-music, but also great to just listen to (especially early in the morning :) If youlike acid or dance(able) music you might want to listen to this!

Mike Dearborn - Muzikal journey
This is your tipical, straight, in-your-face hardcore acid!! It's ascool as hardcore gets!! It's got razor hard beats and very cool 303-lines!! For the fans of hard acid only.

The Kosmik Kommando - Frequenseize
This is a double cd full of cool 'modern' acid. It's not the hard and furious acid that we (acid lovers) all know and love, but it's a bit softer (almost trance). This doesn't mean that it's shit or anything, it is very cool and quality stuff. If you get the chance you should take the time and listen to it at the record shop!

Various - Acid Flash vol. 1
This is a German cd full of cool acid that seems to come straight from a house party! This means that they're very (very) dancebale, but also very coolto just listen to and get the vibe thattaway! If you like dance-music then this is the perfect cd to buy! (Seeing to the fact that this is a German cd it'll probably hard to get in other countries (maybee even not at all!))

[Acid] [Ambient/Trance] [Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass] [Techno/Electro] [Various styles]

Ambient is a form of music that tries to create a mood (an ambience) of peace and relaxation. Sometimes it can harldy be called music at all when the only thing you hear are accords and some very strange voice samples, but be prepared to relax! Trance is the harder variant of ambient. It usually sounds very spacy and is highly danceable. I combined the two styles, because sometimes the line between ambient and trance is very thin.

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient works '85 - '92
This is an absolute classic, described by critics as the best cd in thegenre!! And it's an essential buy for any techno/ambient lover alike!!!!!

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient works II
This cd is about as vague as it gets!! In my humble opinion this cd is a classic and should be in the collection of any ambient lover! There are some songs on this one with a beat, but most of them do not have a beat at all and arevery heavy listening!! So this cd is recommended to anyone with even the slightest appreciation for Aphex Twin or Ambient music!!

Autechre - Incunubula
This cd from the well respected English label Warp features intelligent techno-ambient. Listen to cool melodies as you float all through it!

Autechre - Tri repetae
This is the new cd from the English group Autechre. It's music is very spacy and this cd is much 'spacier' than the last. It features very cool Hip-hop beats and melodies. It comes highly recommended!

Joey Beltram - Aonox
This cd is mainly ambient-style and very cool! It's pure relaxing and very easy listening. (my personal favorite is song number four.) The cd only runsfor about 45 minutes, but it's worth the price!!

The black dog - Spanners
This is another cool ambient cd. It has some real live instruments in it in some songs (like guitars and stuff) and is really cool. This is real high-quality stuff!!

Cabaret Voltaire - Plasticity
This is an old cd with classic ambient from Detroit. Very Spacy and very cool. It's classical stuff for the general public. Nothing fancy, but really cool!

Carl Craig - Landcruising
This guy is another veteran in the buisiness. He's been around for almost ten years now and he's getting better all the time! This cd is based on the Kraftwerk classic cd 'Autobahn' and this is obvious when you hear somebody getting into a car and driving away at the start of the cd. The music is good, a bit relaxed, but it's pretty hard for an ambient/trance cd! This is a recommendation for anyone with a taste for good underground housemusic!!

Fuse - Dimension intrusion
If there's one cd you should have in your ambient/techno collection it should be this one!! This is one of the best ambient cd's around!! Very relaxing stuff with a definite Detroit style to it!!

The gentle people - Journey (CD-Single)
This cd is the ambient version of the current hype: Easy Tune. It's very spacey and very 'seventies'. Cool melodies, cool rhythems, and cool vocals! It's also got a mix by Aphex Twin! Well worth your dough if you ask me!

The gentle People - Emotion Heater (CD-Single)
This second single from The gentle people is in the same league as 'Journey'. The one thing that stands out is the 'Reheated by Luke Vibert' mix, which transforms the 70's easy-tune-techno into some very cool jungle! If you liked 'Journey' (see above) then you'll like this one too!

Richard H. Kirk - Disposable half-truths
This is a very strange cd indeed. It's a cd from 1978! It's some very strange 'new age' style ambient with some beats here-and-there. This shows that Richard H. Kirk was well ahead of his time, this music is still enjoyable, although it's almost 20 years old!!

Nav Katze - Don't mind the distortion
This cd is from a Japanese group, but contains mixes by Aphex Twin, Blackdog, Reload and a few more. Very cool and relaxing stuff with even in two of the songs a few (Japanese) vocals!!

The Orb - Adventures beyond the Ultraworld
This English band has been surprising critics for quite a while now. This is their first full album (I think) and features incredibly cool ambient music, combined with very cool samples of birds, trees, people and such. Cool stuff, check it out!

The Orb - The Peel Sessions
Whenever The Orb releases something, it's something special. This is a collection of four remixes of songs from the 'Adventures beyond the Ultraworld'-album performed at a BBC Radio-1 program. It's pretty cool, but I recommend on buying the Adventures..-album instead (of you haven't got that one that is...). If you're a real fan then this one can't be left out of your collection, but if you're not, then get Adventures... or the even better U.F.Orb!

The Orb - Pommes Fritz
This is a very experimental cd from Paterson and his friends. It's very strange and not everyone will like (I do). Just check it ou and see for oyourself!

The Orb - Orbus Terranum
This new album from Alex Paterson and his companions is incredibly vague and has very little beats in them. The songs are very long (the longest is 13 minutes!), but they never bore.

The Orb - U.F.Orb
This is the best Orb album up till now! The songs are incredible and very, very relaxing! One of the many essential-buys!!

Tournesol - moonfunk
This is a very strange cd. It has some very cool ambient songs on it and some songs with <*shock*> RAP in them! (2 to be presice) This isn't a bad thing though, the rap is pretty cool, but the music is VERY cool. Just give these guys (or babes, who knows?) a chance, maybee you'll like it as much as I do!

Various - Agenda 21 (An Eevo-Lute compilation)
This is a compilation of a few cool ambient songs from Dutch recordlabel Eevo-Lute. It's got Carl Craig and a few others. This is high quality, relaxing and lightheaded ambient and will appeal to almost any ambient fan alike! (there's also an Agenda 22, but I haven't listened to it yet!)

Various - Artificial Intelligence 2
This cd features a collection of songs from the label Warp. It's high qualoty and very relaxing. There's also a video of this cd with cool video-clips. I myself think it's cool, but nothing really special (except for the songs by Speedy-J and Aphex Twin), but decide for yourself!

Various - Excursions in Ambience
This cd is a lot easier on the mind than the above one. It's got very relaxing music on it!! This is for the general ambient lovers amongst you and is very relaxing! I don't know if you can get your hands on a copy because this cd is from '92 or something like that so keep searching!!

[Acid] [Ambient/Trance] [Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass] [Techno/Electro] [Various styles]

Jungle / Drum 'n' Bass
Drum & Bass has had quite an impact on the techno-scene. Especially in England. The breakbeat and bass are it's main features. the breakbeat comes from Jazz and Soul music, the most famous breakbeat is the 'Funky Drumer' from a James Brown song. Nowadays the breakbeats have become very complex and are miles beyond 'Funky Drummer'.

Alex Reece - So Far
Very relaxing melodies make up a D&B album, with a singer here-and-there and very cool (although quite simple) and very danceble breakbeats!

Photek - The hidden camera (CD-Single)
Photek is one of the many new names in Jungle, but he stands out of the crowd bye making some really cool stuff! The songs he makes really sound different from the more mainstream jungle-sounds and are genuinly innovative! Just listen to it, you'll see!

Squarepusher - Port Rhumbus EP
This was the first big release of mister Tom Jenkinson, the new innovator of Jungle. Although his full album is out on the Rephlex label (this one is on Warp), this EP is certainly worth a buy! It's some strange mix of jazz, techno and jungle, with some of the most amazing rhythems ever created by man! Check it out, it rules!

SquarePusher - Feed me weird things
Discovered bye none other than Richard "Aphex Twin" James, this guy makes some of the most innovative jungle I ever heard! He is called 'The Aphex Twin of Jungle' bye many and I cannot disagree with that! The songs are sort of a mix between jazz, techno and Jungle and really have to be heard to be believed! Don't take my word for it, buy it!!!!

Various - L.T.J Bukem Presents: Logical Progression
Not everybody likes this style, but this is one of the best Jungle cd's I've ever heard (but I haven't heard many mind you)! Jungle is the newcomer in techno-land and is still in it's infancy, but this cd shows that it has potential! If you want to buy a jungle cd, then this must be the one (you can also check In order to dance 6 (see next cd) if you want another option).

Various - In order to dance 6 Drum-n-bass
This is the sixth in the 'In order to dance'-series from the Belgian label R&S records. It's a doubler with nothing else than jungle/drum-n-bass numbers. There are some very, very cool numbers on it (like Kenny Larkin's 'Loop z (Alex Reece Remix'), but there are (as with most collection-cd's) some standard, b-choice jungle songs on them too. All in all this cd is pretty much worth the cash, and definately a good start if you want to start listening to Jungle/Drum-n-Bass!

Various - TheMikeFlowersPopsMeetsTheAphexTwin Downtownin"TheFreebaseConnection"
Mike Flowers Pops are known for their 70's style pop-covers of hits like 'light my fire' from the Doors. The first song on this mini-album (or EP, whatever) is the original song bye MFP called Freebase. The next 6 songs are remixes bye names as Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert and The Mellowtrons. Especially the Luke Vibert mix is very cool and I can safely say some of the best Jungle on the market! If you want Jungle, then buy this cd!! (It's cheap too!!)

Various - Total Science Volume 1
Another cool compilation of Jungle tracks. Some very jazzy basslines and very cool beats make this a good cd to have!

Various - The Art Of Noise: The Drum 'n Bass collection
This is really a bit of a let-down. The Art Of noise was one of the first groups to experiment with samples and dance-rhythems. They where pretty popular in the mid-eighties. This is a cd full of mixes bye many renowned Britisch Drum 'n Bass Producers. The thing is, The Art Of Noise is almost nowhere to be heard on this cd! It's just another ambient-jungle cd! It's not a total failure though. There are some cool songs on here, but I just get the feeling it's a cash-in on the success of Drum 'n Bass and The Art Of noise.

Various - The uncharted territories of Jungle Jazz
This is one of the best jungle compilations I've heard so far. It features some genuinely funky beats and very cool jazzy melodies! A reccomendation is in place here!

[Acid] [Ambient/Trance] [Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass] [Techno/Electro] [Various styles]

'Invented' by Juan Atkins in the early eighties and defined as music that sounds like technology. It's very popular and is so widespread and divers that it is impossible to go into all the details here!

AFX - Analogue Bubblebath
This is a cd from an EP that came out quite a while ago! This is the first thing that Richard D. James (Alias Aphex Twin/Polygon Window/AFX/TheDiceman/and lots more) released! It's very, very cool!! There's one ambient song (Analogue Bubblebath) and three hard ones. This cd is only about 30 minutes, but it justifies the costs!!! It's another masterpiece by the master Himself!!

Aphex Twin - Classics
This is a cd with re-releases of 12"es by R&S records. Aphex wasn't pleased with the release of this cd, because all of the 12"es could have become collectors items!! But for us it's very good that this cd has come out, because it is of incredible quality nd diversity of the songs!! A definate must-have!

Aphex Twin - Donkey Rubarb (CD-single)
This is a pretty cool cd-single featuring two 'not so good' songs (the first two on the disc) and two very, very good onces (the last two naturally). Song number three is a 'remix' of a song from his album I care because you do' called 'ICCT Hedral'. He has recorded the song with Phillip Glass and the London Philharmonic Orchestra! Yes, it sounds really cool (better then the original if you ask me!). Too bad for the first two songs, but the last two make up for those!

Aphex Twin - I care because you do...
This cd is another masterpiece delivered by the master Himself: Aphex Twin! It containes a whole lot of different types of house (Techno, Ambient, TripHop) and is reccomended to anyone with money to spare.

Aphex Twin - Boy/Girl EP
Oh boy, finally a new cd from Aphex twin and it doesn't dissapoint! If you've heard his experiments in Jungle on the Hangable Autobulb EP (on Vinyl only) or if you've heard the incredible rhythems of Squarepusher then you'll know what to expect. Incredible rhythems, very cool melodies and even some singing performed by Richard himself! ('I wish the milkman would deliver my milk... in the morning'. How's that for lyricks :) Aphex Twin has entered a new level!

Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album
Only a few weeks after the release of his latest EP (The Girl/Boy EP) comes this album. This is one hell of an album! The beauty of his melodies combined with some freaky beats and samples! There's one very cool ambient-styled song (called 'Fingerbib' or something) and even a song which is best described as some sort of Christmas song (called: Goon Gumpos). Beautiful! The only let-down is the fact that it's only 30 minutes long! But it's worth the money!

Juan Atkins - The Infinity collection
This is a cd with a collection of songs produced by Juan Atkins under the name 'Infinity'. It features very cool typical Detroit techno, which means that it's funky, it's got soul and is very danceble! For the ones with taste among you!

Cylob - Cylobian Sunset
If you just came from my Technopage and you've seen my top-10 list then the name Cylob may mean something to you. He has made an incredible remix of the song 'Ventolin' bye Aphex Twin. He has released some stuff before, but this is his first CD (under the name Cylob at least, he's also released a cd under the name Kinestheasia called 'Empathy Box'). The music on this cd is best described as melodious techno with some influences of Aphex twin (but what techno-artist isn't influenced bye him?). Very cool, although I hoped to hear more songs in the style of the Ventolin mix and the first song on this cd, but you can't have everything now can you?

Fierce Ruling Diva - live in the Multigroove
This cd is a (in contrary to the title) mix made from (not at) a live performance at the Amsterdam club 'The Multigroove'. This cd is dedicated (so it says on the cover) to all the ravers and gabbers ('gabbers' = dutch term for hardcore-fans), but since this is Fierce Ruling Diva all of the songs aren't your mainstream rave/hardcore, but have some intelligence in them and can be danced to too! This cd is actually a cd-single (it onlyruns for 27 minutes!!) but that means that it's cheap !! If you like harder techno this is for you!!

The Future Sound of London - Dead Cities
It's really bizar with FSOL. One time they release a bit of a let down (ISDN) and the next they come out with an incredible album like this! This is a sort of a mixture between Techno, Dub, Ambient and some Drum 'n Bass! It's a really good cd, which is in essence only one song!

Jake Slazenger Makes a racket
This cd is from the guy behind -ziq (Mike Paradinas) it's very, very good! Lot's of funky beats in it and two very 'gentle' ambient songs! Want my advise??.... Get it NOW!!

Jake Slazenger - Nautilus CD-Single
This little album from the guy behind -ziq and many other well respected techno-names has 4 songs on it. The first is a cool song with an incredibly funky breakbeat (which is tipical for Jake's work, funky is Jake's middlename). The second is a little less inspired. It's a song with the same instruments as a the song 'Metal Thing #1' on his Kid Spatula 'Spatula Freak' album and a song on -ziq's 'Bluff Limbo'. The third song to the contrary is one of the very best Trip-Hop-Techno songs I have ever heard! An incredibly cool hip-hop beat combined with an organ and a very cool voice-sample make this the best song on the cd! For the last song it's the same story as the second one really. Nothing special, but still enjoyable. It's only 20 Mins. long, but worth the cash.

Jake Slazenger - Das ist ein groovy beat, ja
He has done it again! This is another funky, strange and very cool cd from mister Michael Paradinas. From the big-band sounds of "Hung like a bull" through to the jungly sounds of "Nautilus" and onto the ambient-like atmosphere of "slowdance", this is a very good album! Combine all that with Mike's xylophone's and you get some of the funkiest techno ever!!

Kid Spatula - Spatula Freak
This is yet another cd from Micheal Paradinas, although you can't find his name anywhere on the cd you can hear it very clearly from the songs. This work is not of the incredible quality of the other offerings, but it is very cool nonetheless. A nice buy if you're waiting for the joint-venture cd from Aphex Twin and -ziq, which should be coming soon!

LFO - Frequensies
When this cd was released a couple of years ago it totally changed the face of techno. LFO made techno sound genuinly different from anything ever heard of before. Lots of strange sounds. Cool high melodies and very low basslines makes this a very good cd and it still holds it's ground even now! A classic which shouldn't be missed!

LFO - Advance
Expectations where high when LFO released the single 'Tied up' last year, which was very good. This cd is a lot less axtravagant than 'Frequensies', but features 'intelligent' techno and ambient music which is very pleasent to the ear. There are a few ambient songs and a few techno-songs (including 'Tied up') on this one and even a few danceble songs. Great stuff, but less surprising then 'Frequensies'.

Mike & Rich - Expert knob Twiddlers
It has been on every techno lovers' wishlist. It's been awaited by every techno lover alike! And it's finally here! The co-produced cd by Richard D. James and Micheal Paradinas!! It's been worth the wait if you ask me! The mixture of styles from these two great artists really works very well! The cool happy melodies of -ziq combined with the dark(ish) strings and beats of Aphex Twin and the combined humor and pleasure in making music make this cd really worth listening to! In my idea these two guys just got into a recording studio and wondered how idiotic and stupid they could make this. Even the cover art is very humorous. The use of samples and even a burp in one song is very cheesy, but definately funny!

Model 500 - Deep space
This is a cd of the actual godfather of Techno: Juan Atkins. He's been around for quite a while now, but the music is still fresh! His music is real Detroit techno (with soul elements like vocals (in 'The Flow')) and pretty cool. It might not be everybodies favorite, but it's a cool cd nonetheless!

-ziq - Bluff Limbo
This is the first album that Micheal Paradinas (alias -ziq, Jake Slazenger, Kid Spatula and probably some more...) ever realeased. It was originally released in a limited edition and only a few people ever got their hands on a copy. Now Rephlex records has finally released it again and now everybody with a taste for good techno music can get his/her hands on a copy!! And it is very good indeed! If you liked 'Tango 'n' Vectiv' then you'll love this! Get it soon, or you'll be sorry!!

-ziq - In pine effect
This album is one of the 7 (!) cd's released by Micheal Paradinas in 1995. It's one of the better ones, featuring very cool songs. Not as funky as the also reviewed 'Jake Slazenger makes a racket', but just very cool intelligent Techno music with the typical -ziq melodies and beats. Great stuff!

-ziq - Salsa with Mesquite
Here's yet another cd of Micheal Paradinas. It's style is typically -ziq, but it's incredible that he can make this kind of original techno in such large amounts. He keeps surprising me all the time. This cd is no exception and very cool, although only 45 minutes it's well worth your money! (It's not very expensive either).

-ziq - Tango n' Vectiv
This is one of the first techno cd's I heard and it still remains one of my favorites! It's pretty straight-forward with the odd strange effect (like overrated hihats) thrown in for good measure. It's got some hard, some dance and a few ambient songs and it should be a part of any Techno/house listener alike!!

-ziq vs. The Auteurs
It's incredible that Micheal Paradinas can keep up such a high quality with such quantity! It's incredible that he can make so many cd's which are so cool! This one is no exception! It's a cd made by Micheal in cooperation with The Authors which are (or so I heard) a rock band. This means that there are guitars on this cd and it is very cool! It isn't just The Auteurs playing and -ziq making some beats or anything like that, he has totally remixed the songs into incredibly cool and original songs! If you like thing such as Portishead, Tricky or Massive Attack, then you'll probably like this too! Although it's rather short (about 48 minutes) it's a very cool cd and an essential buy for all progressive techno lovers in the world (and beyond...)!

Orbital - In sides
This cd is without a doubt one of the best of the year! These guys have really topped themselves! Incredible melodies, very cool beats and even some very atmospheric singin! Very jungle in some places, with great Breakbeats! The single 'The Box' is my favourite! This cd is bound to become a bestseller, but don't listen to me! Get it yourself!

Plastikman - Recycled plastik
This cd is a remix-album with remixes of his album 'Sheet one'. It's all very simplistic, it's even too simplistic for my taste! But a friend of mine loves it, so there must be some good stuff in there. Check it out yourself!

Polygon Window - Sufrin on Sine Waves
This is an old cd, which I just forgot to include on this page. It's an early work of Richard D. James, alias Aphex Twin! It's in the same style as Selected Ambient works '85-'92 (see above). It's still one of the better techno cd's on the market and it deserves .a place in any techno-cd-collection!

Polygon Window - Quoth (CD-Single)
This is a single from a song of the above album. The original isn't the best he ever made (I don't like it that much anyway), but the remixes and additional songs are very much worth the purchase!!

The Prodigy - Everybody is in the place CDS
This cd-single features my favorite prodigy song 'G-force'. 'Everybody is in the place' is also a favorite of mine and then there's this strange song called "crazy". Cool stuff, with great breakbeats. The versions on this single are (in my opinion) better than the versions on the cd 'Experience'!!

Quazar - Zodiac Tracks
The new cd of the dutchman Gert van Veen and his crew is much more underground than their previous offer 'Here and now'. In my opinion this is a good move by Gert en the music has definately improved!! It's a very cool cd with danceable techno/mellow music and I recommend it to anyone!

Speedy J - !ive
At last, it has arrived, a new cd from Speedy J! This is a mix made by Jochem Paap (Speedy's real name) at the Pinkpop '95 Festival in Holland. After an incredibly cool ambient intro, the mix changes to a very danceble and very cool mix! It's very cool indeed, highly recommended!

Submerge - Depth charge 1
This cd contains some rather old Detroit techno songs, wich are some ofthe best around. The Submerge label is the stable of some of the best Techno artists and this cd combines all their forces with a compilation of their work! I've had this cd on tape for quite a while now and I don't think you can get it anywhere nowadays, but if you see it, buy it !!(even if you don't really want it, because then I'll buy it back from you !!)

Unit Moebius (Bunker 016)
This is a very obscure cd. The only thing you get is a black and white disc with the words 'Unit Moebius' and 'Bunker 016' and that's it! No titles, nobooklet, nothing! This is because Bunker records is a very underground record label which usually only produces records (you know, vinyl). This cd is probably very hard to get your hands on, but it's worth the search. It features pretty simple, very lo-fi music, but it all sounds very cool and spacey! The music is a sort of techno/acid/ambient/trance or something. Very cool, but very obscure and generally pretty hard! (It's over 76 minutes playing-time too!)

Unit Moebius (DB 31, disco cd)
As with above cd, this cd has no title, just a label-number (DB = Disco b). I've become quite a fan of Unit Moebius in the last month. I've bought all the cd's they released and I still can't get enough! This is another one of those great works! Very groovy, lo-fi music, made purely for fun and to dance to. I can recommend this one to anybody with a taste in dance music!

Unit Moebius - Status
This cd comes in a very stylish canister. It features the tipical UM music, which is always cool. The only downside is that 4 of the songs of this cd are also on 'Bunker 016', but the rest of the songs make this cd very much worth buying! (for me).

Unit Moebius - Blue Attack 2
This is a recording of 2 live shows of UM. The very long mixes (one is 40 minutes and the other is 30 minutes!) are very monotone and for the general listener very boring. But if you're a fan like me, then this cd is very good and well worth your cash!

Unit Moebius - Life mood 1-8 and remixes
Let me tell you this: if you like UM, you'll love this cd!! Don't hesitate, just buy it!! If you've never heard of them before (which is very likely bye the way!) then let me tell you that they make some very cool techno/acid for the dancefloors which really stands out! Since this cd is not very widely availeble, you'll have to search hard, but I tell you, it's worth it!!

Various - Planet E presents: Intergalactic Beats
This cd features some of the best releases from the Detroit techno-label. This label is run bye Detroit veteran Carl Craig, so the cd features a few releases from him. Very cool, pure Detroit techno.

Various - Aural expansion remixed sheep
This cd features remixes from such renowned masters as -ziq and Mixmaster Morris. It's pretty relaxing with cool beats and lots of clicking and sucking sounds. Cool stuff.

Various - Blueprints for modern (techno)logy vol. 1
This is a collection of releases from the label Plus8. This is a well known techno label who releases stuff from names as Kenny Larkin and Speedy-J. This cd is from the very early start of the label and features many classic songs (like 'Backlash' from Cybersonic and 'Evolution' from Speedy J!). No die-hard techno fan should be without a Plus8 collector in his collection!

Various - Retro/Techno/Emotion/Electric
This cd features some of the oldest techno songs availeble. To people who have been listening to house since the beginning this must be a very nostalgic cd! Songs like 'Clear' from Cybotron or 'No UFO's' from Model 500 are real classics and should be a part of every techno-lover's collection. I don't think that this cd is easy to get your hands on, but if you see it, get it! It's worth every penny!!

Various - The true people (The Detroit techno album)
This is a collection of releases from the great label React, collected bye the legendary Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes. It features all the masters: Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Eddie himself and offcourse Juan Atkins (with an incredibly cool jungle song!). But also some less known groups and it gives a good overview of the always hip stuff coming from Detroit! Great stuff!!

Orlando Voorn - Nightvision
Orlando Voorn is one of the few artists that is able to make Detroit-style techno (with lots of funk and soul) without being from Detroit himself. He's made songs with Juan Atkins himself and it really shines through! This is techno like it's supposed to be!

[Acid] [Ambient/Trance] [Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass] [Techno/Electro] [Various styles]

Various Styles
I'll place all cd's here that are hard to put in to one of the above styles. Things like collection-cd's or just other none-techno/acid/ambient/jungle/trance cd's.

various - Extra Sensual Perception
This is a collector from the Amsterdam record label ESP, with mainly Trance and hardtrance. This is a cool cd with some very cool songs. It's recommended for people with some appreciation of the harder forms of trance!

Various - State of the Art 1,2,3 and 4
This series of cd's features songs from around the world in many different house-styles, but mostly Techno. These cd's are a good entry-level if you want to start listening to real house music. But the songs are of such a quality that the real house-lovers will enjoy them to! The best two are State of the art 1 and 4, but 2 is good too. 3 is the leats good, but still not bad!

Various - Textures
This is a double-cd with mixes made by Alex Paterson (from The Orb) and Darren Emerson. They have picked a few songs from the 100 or so that have been on the Trance Europe Express 1-4 and made mixes with them. The mix from Darren is dance-orientated, the mix from Alex is Ambient-style. Very cool, but if you've already got TEX 1 through 4, than I doubt if these cd's will add anything to that. If you haven't got TEX, or if you've only got one, then this is a very good pair of cd's and well worth the dough!

Various - Trance Atlantic
This is a double cd from the makers of Trance Europe Express and features lots of American techno songs. Really cool and well worth the money! Some techno, some ambient and a few acid-songs and very cool!

Various - Trance Europe Express 1
This double cd contains lots of songs from around Europe. It's got techno, ambient and some trance too! It has lots of well known names on it and contains some of the best tracks around! It also features an 152 page booklet with all the information on the artists!! Very good stuff here!!

Various - Trance Europe Express 3
I know, I know, you're wondering what happened to TEX2! Well, I haven'tgot TEX2 so I can't write about it now can I!? The quality is still of a high grade although this cd isn't as good as number one in the series! But it's still worth the cash (it also has the 152 page booklet!!)

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