What makes the music? First of all the artists offcourse, but the sound in electronic music is created using synthesizers, samplers and drummachines. Here are some companies and resources on the internet in the hardware business.

Page of this big music company.

Company that makes a.o. some of the better pc soundcards and synths!

Hyperreal Music Machines
This is a very big site with lots of machines! Including pictures, information and even samples!!

Kenton Electronics
This is a page about this instrument store

This company has made some amazing Synths, that are widely used by house and techno composers!

Big company that makes great synths!

Roland Corp.
Roland US
The Kings of electronic music. This company has with it's machines almost invented techno! Take for example the 808, 303, 101, these machines are classics! Although they are quite old, they are still used around the world bye just about every house-producer !!

Synth Zone
This is a page dedicated to Analogue Synthesysers!

Midi, Synths and soundcards
Well, eeh, it's a page about Midi, synths and Soundcards!

Spirit by Soundcraft
Company specialising in mix-panals

Time & Space
This is a cd company specialising in sample-cd's!

Yamaha UK
This company has created some of the best synths, soundcards and other music stuff there are!


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