Links to record labels
Every self-respecting record label has an internetpage these days. They offer great information about your favorite artists and their releases.

Acid Planet/Hotmix Electro-nix
These Dutch labels are the cream of the Dutch underground techno scene. Featuring artists like Unit Moebius and I-F.

A very good American label releasing some incredibly high-quality music.

Music Aus Strom
This relatively new label from Germany has released some of the most haunting and beautifull music in recent times. Electro styled, industrial ambient is what it sounds like.

Planet E
This is the label of techno legend Carl Craig. A lot of techno classics have been released and more quality stuff always coming...

Another very good Detroit techno label, also releasing stuff from Dutch artist Speedy-J.

A large dance page also featuring lots of stuuf and the Dutch Record-label: Work

This is the label started by Richard D. James and Grant Wilson Claridge. This is our favorite label releasing records from artists like AFX, Cylob, The DMX Krew, Bochum Welt, Leila, D'Arcangelo and many more.

R&S Records.
A big Belgian record label with a lot of great artists.

Transmat is the brainchild of techno guru Derrick May (also known in techno history as Rhythim is Rhythim), who is one of the godfathers of techno. Featuring names like Stacey Pullen (alias Silent Phase) Kevin Saunderson and Kenny Larkin.

Just like Transmat, this is a label that deserves every techno fan's attention. A real Detroit based label releaseing quality records all the time.

Warp is one of the most influential record labels in the business. They release records for some of the best artists like Autechre, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Red Snapper and many, many more. Check their site for new releases (including rela-audio snippets.), news and you can even order directly from them.

As stated in the 'misc' section of the technopage Urbansounds is one of our favorite resources of info on alternative electronic music. They also have quite an extensive links-section, of which this is the 'label' section. If you want more labels, then check this site.

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