Various other links
When you are looking for other technopages on the internet then this is the place to find them!

A very good e-zine about alternative electronic music with lots of info, interviews, articles, reviews, real-audio clips and tons of very good links. One of our favorite resources.

A very excellent page, with lots of info on electronic music and artists including an mp3-archive. For us the main attraction though, is the very helpful and informative releases page: an up to date overview of up-and-coming releases by lots of artists in the electronic music world, ranging from Underworld to Aphex Twin, Biosphere and even Vangelis!

The ultimate archive if you're looking for pages on the electronic music scene! This is a very large searchable index of music pages, specialised in electronic music.

THE place for the dutch house-scene! All the information on parties, dj's, musicians and lots, lots more can be found here!

The best emulation of two 303s, an 808 and/or a 909.

Techno Online
A German site with lots of links to labels and music-sites!

This is a Dutch site, with lots of info and it's own Mailing-list. It also features an overview of the best stores in some of the major cities in Holland (including a personal 'review' of each store)!

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