Online Stores
The internet is not only a good place to find information, but also a very good place to actually find and buy those records you've been looking for! Use these links to find them.

If this isn't the future of record-stores then I don't know what is! On this site you can create your own dream-compilation albums from a large amount of songs! Just pick the songs you want in any catagory (ranging from ambient, house and techno to Acid Jazz, Rock and Indie) and they'll burn it on a cd and send it to you! Featuring loads of songs from many different artists and a very speedy delivery (I live in Holland and I had my cd within 4 days after ordering, and CDuctive's headquarters is in the USA!!) and relatively low prices ($4.99 for the first tune and $0.99 for every next tune, but they also have free tunes, so you can compile full-length cd's from as little as $4.99!). There's something for everyone here, just go check it out!

This English online store has a vast collection of cd's and vinyl, including some releases that are hard to find in regular stores. The only let-down is that there are quite a few records in the catalog that aren't available anymore, but there are still a lot of good records to order using you credit-card. They also have a feature where you can create a list with your favorite artists. You can then get a mail whenever one of your favorites releases something.

This is not an online store as such. It is a regular record-store which offers services through the internet. Clone is the best store for people with a taste in the more alternative styles. The owners are from the techno-scene themselves (they are dj's like Serge-V and Ference (I-F)) and have an extensive knowledge and great taste! Just tell them what you like and they can direct you to a dozen other records that you'll like! The best, especially if you live in Holland!

This is another great source for the somewhat harder to get records! They even have reviews and real-audio clips! A very good source if you want to listen before you buy!

Warp Records
Warp is one of the biggest independent underground record labels. You can order records directly from their site! The great thing is also that they recently acquired the back-catalog of Rephlex records, our favorite label! Very cool indeed!!

Another good online store. It doesn't have as much hard to get stuff as sopme of the others, but it's a great place to get cd's and records from the somewhat more popular underground artists.

In America house and techno are not as popular as in Europe, but this American online store has got some pretty good stuff. If you're from Europe then you'd better check one of the above, but Americans might be better off (read: cheaper) using this resource.

As stated in the 'misc' section of the technopage Urbansounds is one of our favorite resources of info on alternative electronic music. They also have quite an extensive links-section, of which this is the 'stores' section! If you want more stores, then check this site!

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