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[Cylob] [Various]

Cylob is a veteran on the Rephlex label. He has released quite a few things, also under the name Kinestesea. His music is very divers. From hardcore, industrial techno one Kinesthesea's 'Industrial Folk Songs' to beautifull synthesizer tunes like 'Flicklife' and his totally excellent remix of Aphex Twin's 'Ventolin'.

Cylob - Diof '97(Rephlex, CAT 044 EP)
This is an EP featuring a remix of the song 'Diof' by Cylob himself. The original can be found on his album 'Cylobian Sunset' and is a very good tune. The remix is much the same and very cool. The other tunes on this song are typically Cylobian: strange sound effects, cool beats and some nice melodies. The track 'Divided loyalties' features a bassline created by none other then Squarepusher. Good stuff!

Cylob - Cylob 1 EP
This is a limited 7" containing only 2 songs. The songs are very cool and very strange. The song 'Are we not men who live and die' is just someone singing a strange text in a very cool melodic way with a nice vocoder-effect on it. Not essential, except if you're a Cylob fan like me!

[Cylob] [Various]

Everything that doesn't fit into a single artist's catagory will be dumped in this one.

Various - The Gentle people remixes (Rephlex, CAT 063 EP)
This album features as the title suggests a collection of remixes of songs by the Gentle People. It features The Gentle People themselves, The DMX Krew and Global Goon. To be honest I was a bit dissapointed. None of the remixes is really special. The only remix that is pretty good is the Global Goon remix. Nothing really special, but if you're a Rephlex fan then probably still worth your attention.

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