Unfinished Mods

We've made a lot of mods that are rather cool, but never got finished entirely. So we've decided to put them on-line for you to finish, remix, or just listen.
There are no descriptions for the mods, because with most of them the title speaks mostly for itselfs. Almost all of these mods are techno/d&b styled.

name type, size
almost.zip (S3M, 28k)
ambient.zip (S3M, 39k)
chem.zip (S3M, 30k)
chemical.zip (S3M, 108k)
chemrm.zip (S3M, 131k)
club.zip (S3M, 73k)
depri_jn.zip (S3M, 43k)
dimensio.zip (S3M, 71k)
dreary.zip (S3M, 39k)
fnkdanc2.zip (S3M, 37k)
fnkdance.zip (S3M, 93k)
hip_trns.zip (S3M, 41k)
jungle.zip (XM, 249k)
name type, size
mornwood.zip (S3M, 59k)
new.zip (S3M, 36k)
spank.zip (S3M, 49k)
takeover.zip (S3M, 74k)
tecdance.zip (S3M, 57k)
tecfunk.zip (S3M, 33k)
tecgoud.zip (S3M, 89k)
trance.zip (XM, 130k)
victory.zip (S3M, 107k)
xper.zip (S3M, 130k)
yes.zip (S3M, 62k)