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So far have observed my records since 3-9-1996.

The only present ordering is by alphabet. I'll order it better when more reviews are added (by label for example...)

AFX - Hangable Autobulb EP (Warp; WAP 67)
AFX is Richard D. James and he usually releases his records under the name AFX on his own Rephlex lable. With this EP Richard comes to new hights, that of jungle. Never before has ony record of him sounded like this one. This EP sounds different from any other Jungle record ever, but this shouldn't be a surprise, because everything he does sounds different then other things! On side A you have 'Children Talking' with a very strange sample and 'Hangable Autobulb'. The ending of this song is very strange and is more of an audio-experiment than music really. Another audio-experiment is to be found on side B. The track 'Bit' is only 6 seconds long. every song has his own little peculiarity and this makes this a very good 6-song 12"!

AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 4(Rephlex Cat 019EP)
No titles on this one for a change. Not that it matters, because a title doesn't make a song any better. Four tracks, that - again - differ very much in style. A very hard song in which it seems that an elephant (!?) has been samples, an acid number, an ambient number (the best one in my opinion) and a happy techno-song with a very happy melody (this one is Teccie's favorite). It's all very different from the last Ananlogue Bubblebath record (number 3 in case you where wondering). This record has got all styles covered, so this is no boring 12" whatsoever!

GAK 1-4 (Warp; WAP 48)
This record was released in 1994, but the songs are from 1990. It is said that Richard D. James mde them and that isn't a strange conclusion if you hear the songs. The four songs that this 12" holds sound very different from your main-stream techno. All the numbers are at about the same level of quality. GAK1 is a piano-song with a good melody, GAK2 is a easy song with a relaxed melody. GAK3 is a bit harder, the hihats sound very distorted and GAK4 is again a bit more relaxed with a melodieus bassline that continues through the whole song.

Various - Mururoa EP
On this EP are 4 experimental techno-songs without titles that differ in style. Two very hard tracks, a wierd acid-style song in which nothing seems to be right and a more gentle song that is pretty monotone. On neither the cover or the record (white vinyl) itself can you find info on the makers of this EP. On the cover is only a piece of text in 4 different languages about Mururoa and critiscism about the French goevrnment. The only thing that is said about the makers is that they are from The Hague (=Holland), Detroit (=USA), London (=England) and Rome (=Italy).

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