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On this page you will find information what is new on my site. I will log the updates from now on , so you can keep track of what's happening here!!

17 june 2002:Updated the Hajime Sorayama page (new images and repaired links), the Olivia page (new images and repaired links) and the link page (new links).

10 JUNE 2002!!:I haven't updated my pages since november 2001. I wasn't in the mood to do so for private reasons. Now, I am back and I will update my site and repair it where necessary. I will thank all of the people who sent me emails the past months. I will try to answer them soon. Please be patient with me.

14 november 2001:Late monthly update for November. Combined it with the monthly update for december.

23 october 2001:Because my pages at NBCI have been deleted (No reason why??!! / they just disappeared!!) I relocated them to the same location as the rest of my site (eroticbondage.net). I have to upload lots of files, so please be patient until all is working well again. I have uploaded the HTML pages already. Please update your bookmarks to these new locations. Updated the ealink page.

21 october 2001:New links to artists.

29 september 2001:Monthly update of the pinup, Elvgren, monthly best pinup, Ward cartoon and erotic comic page. Updated my erotic art problem page with 2 new unidentified pieces of art.

22 september 2001:Updated my Ken Martin Page with a new piece he made dedicated for the USA after the horrible terrorist attacks on his country. Furthermore, updated my linkpage with new links and put the artpage online.

2 september 2001: Because of the continueing problems of not being able to update my pages at NBCI I moved my Dorian Cleavenger page to the location at eroticbondage.net, where the rest of my site is hosted.

1 september 2001: Monthly updates of the following pages, Bill Ward cartoons, Elvgren, Classic pinups and monthly best classic pinups, Erotic comics. Restored pulpart palace page 3. Hope you enjoy it again.

31 august 2001: NEW ARTIST OF THE QUARTER online. It is Julian Murphy. Please enjoy his art. Restoring Pulpart palace. Ready with page 1 and 2 of 6. Rest to follow. Monthly update soon.

27 august 2001:Back from vacation! Fateback (provider where my pulpart palace is located) doesn't work. Have to upload everything again they say! Pity! Will work on it soon. I disabled these pages for now. I still can't upload my pages at NBCI. I am getting angry and they don't answer my emails. Thinking about moving these pages to another location! Uploaded the banner of Troy's site: Eroticbondage.net Thanks to him I have space for my site!! I am ready with the new page for the new artist. He will be my next Erotic Artist of the Quarter. His page will be online in a few days!!!! Wait and see!!!!

2 august 2001:Still no way to upload my pages at NBCI. I wrote an email, but no response. Furthermore: New monthly updates of Elvgren, the pinup pages, the erotic comic page and Bill Ward's Cartoon. I am working on a page for a new artist. It's a secret who it is, but you'll all like his work. Will be ready second half of august after my vacation. See you then!!!!!!

23 july 2001:Still no way to upload my pages at NBCI. Hope there is a solution soon. Meanwhile it means that the navigation in between the pages doesn't function as it should be. Please have some patient here. Furthermore updated the links of the Georg Viktor Page.

21 july 2001:The Pulpart Palace is back online!! It were indeed provider problems!!There is an upload problem at nbci. therefor I was not able (and I am still not) to upload the new version of the Dorian Cleavenger Page and my other pages at this provider. I hope you understand, and I hope that this problem is solved by nbci very soon.

20 july 2001:Updated the links on the following pages: Frans Mensink, Dennis Mukai, Erotic Comic page, Dorian Cleavanger. It seems that my Pulpart Palace at Fateback has been shutdown (oh no, not again!!!) or that there are provider problems. I'm investigating it. Therefor temporarily shutdown of that page. Updated the order of the artists on the eaindex page!!

15 july 2001:Updated the links on the following pages: Jack Henslee, Erotic Scale Models Page 1,2,3,4, Mel Ramos, Joe Chiodo, Dave Stevens Page and the link page!

9 july 2001: Updated the contents and links on the : Jonathon Earl Bowser page and the Jennifer Janesko page!

5 july 2001: Update the Baron Jerry von Lind page with 3 NEW images: Barbara, Becky and Bette!! Check it out!! Made a lot of new links to erotic artists!

4 july 2001: updated the contents of the Hajime Sorayama page. Relinked bigger images and put in a new one. Updated links. Also on the Olivia page.

3 july 2001: Updated and repaired contents and links on Ken Martin Page. New image! updated text on eaindex page. removed some errors on pages.

2 july 2001: Restored pages: Marcus Gray and Drew Posada. Updated Ward cartoon page with a new cartoon.

1 july 2001: updated links on the pulpart palace. Updated site navigation. Restored pages: Ray Leaning and Tsubasa.

30 june 2001: Repaired links on Boris Vallejo page. Restored pages: Artist of the quarter(again, because didn't work), Georg Viktor, Steve Carter and Steel.

27 june 2001: Some other pages moved and they will work again: Robert Brun, Ken Martin, Unknown artists, Erotic artist of the quarter. Updated the Boris Vallejo page. All links to bigger images will work now and I put in 6 new images!!

26 june 2001: In the mean time the following pages have been moved to the new location: Hajime Sorayama, Boris Vallejo, Olivia de Berardinis, Jonathon Earl Bowser, Jennifer Janesko, Jack Henslee, 4 pages of scale models, classic pinups, Gil Elvgren, Monthly best classic pinups, Mel Ramos, Frans Mensink and Erotic comic art. All other pages with the flashing light were online at that moment, because most of them are on another server at nbci.com.

19 june 2001: Began to rebuild my pages. Everything has to move (pictures + HTMLcode) from Geocities to the new location at: eroticbondage.net/gallery-99/. My main page still remains at: Jaap van Deijk's Erotic Art Index Page. If you want to link to my site, use that main location please!

17 june 2001: Rebuild/moved my Erotic Pulpart Palace to the free provider: Fateback. Everything works fine now and you can view 6 pages of very nice painted and drawn pulpart from the 20's to the 70's. I wonder why so few people visit these pages. They are so beautiful??!!

11 june 2001: Troy Harpstrite from Texas, USA was very kind to offer me some space on his server. I agreed and wanted to rebuild my site again. In the mean time support came by email from all over the world, asking not to give up and continue my site. THANKS!! FOLKS!!

May 2001: my site was deleted after 5 years of exposing the finest erotic art artists and more than 1 million happy visitors. This has happened 3 times before and now it was by Geocities. This free provider thinks that erotic art is the same as pornography and therefor deletes every site where a naked breast is shown. I was very angry and upset and wanted to quit my site.

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